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Private Capital Investors

Private Capital Investors is a nationally recognized full-service commercial placement advisor for Stated Income Loans, Hard Money/Bridge Loans with correspondent relationships with Life Companies, CMBS, and Pension Funds – Bringing you the Commercial Real Estate Finance Solutions since 2001.

Seek the Best Advice from Private Capital Investors for Commercial Real Estate

Get the best advice from experts before investing in any commercial real estate? Well, Private Capital Investors are here to help you. They are trustworthy loan consultants and provide the best of advice to you only after analysing your financial status, background, and your capabilities.

Private Capital Investors have various loan programs as per the need and requirments of their clients. They provide bridge loans, hard money loans, stated income loans, and commercial real estate loans. They provide their services in Dallas, Florida, Phoenix, Massachuttes, Denver, Illinois etc.

Bridge loans are for short period and temporary, they also have high interest rates as well. But sometimes they can be name as life-saver for many people. And, such risky loans are better if you grab under the advice of a experiences and well-settles advisors just like – Private Capital Investors.

Finding a hard money lender is tough because it is risky to loan a part of your hard money. But with a good financial advices, you can easily meet someone to lend you a hard money loan. The best financial consultant are Private Capital Investors. They have a strong network which is still growing in the US and thus, they can help you a lot.

Private Capital Investors provides assistance in getting hassle free commercial stated income loans in many states of unites states like Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Florida and Illinois. Stated income commercial real estate loans can be a viable loan option for owners that have had difficulty being approved by typical banks. You can have this loan process, hassle-free, in a speedy manner, without concerning much such as – less than ok FICO score, DIT, etc. And, in all these only Private Capital Investors will help you.

Our Commercial loan advisors guide to get any kind of commercial real estate loans at lowest rates in Illinois. We provide you the best deals on hard money loans, bridge loans or stated income loans quick with flexible payments & no hidden charges.

Are you looking for commercial real estate refinance and worried about the credit crunch? Private Capital Investors provides multiple commercial loan refinance programs to ensure you get the financing that best meets your requirement. They provide the best rates on commercial real estate loans in the market.

Private Capital Investors can easily provide you with commercial real estate lenders in Florida because they have a widespread network in many states of USA. You don’t need any of the FICO score, DTI, or a heap of documents. All you need is a consultant from Private Capital Investors.

In Dallas, Texas its not that easy to have a real estate loan for a commercial property but Private Capital Investors made it possible for you to equip such sort of loan with less formalities as compare to banks. They make this loan process hassle free and speedy at the same time.

Investing in the fastest developing market in terms of property is not a bad idea and Private Capital Investors are here to help you. In Phoenix due to competition its not easy to buy any commercial property or to easily find hard money lenders. But having a strong network, Private Capital Investor.

Houston is a place almost every two people out of three wants to buy property in. But, with Private Capital Investors, it is not tough because they give advice according to their client status and offer many loan programs to support them in Houston, Texas. Private Capital Investors has the biggest selection of lenders in the country through which you can get instant multiple loan offers from qualified lenders.

There are many evaluating commercial real estate investment methods, both in the market and rental values, depending on the destination and use of the property studied. Here, we bring you five ways to evaluate a commercial real estate investment.

You probably know that you can refinance the mortgage on your primary residence. However, did you know that you can also refinance an investment property?

Stated income is a term used for the income of a person that is without the taxes. If a person requires a loan, he/she has to show the income he\she earns, and on that basis, they get a loan.

Stated income is beneficial for loan seekers as not much verification of the individual’s income is done before giving a loan. The stated income commercial lenders are general contractors who themselves do not know how much they earn in a year.

If you are trying to buy a new property or upgrade your old one, getting a hard money loan is the first thing that might cross your mind.