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Neurology Psychology

A Basic, Simplified Approach to the Dizzy Patient Part 1

Here is Part 2

Part 1 is on the top left of this screen (the smaller video) , part two is the bigger video on the right. I dont know why it is set up this way.

This lecturer, Peter Johns, does an EXCELLENT job summarizing the approach to these types of patients. I would recommend listening to emrap's C3 first since those go a bit into more depth about the central causes, but I don't think anybody explains the approach to the most common scenarios better than this guy does. Highly recommended. Also check out his emrap lecture on the same topic, with some more discussion thrown in there.

Another take on the topic by emcrit, who also has some great resources thrown in:

August 2012 - The Art of the Chemical Takedown: The Knockout Punch - Episode 131 | EM:RAP

Have you ever had an agitated patient in your ED? We sure have. In this segment our friends from around the EM world share their experiences with these …

February 2010 - Medical Clearance Part I - Episode 101 | EM:RAP

Recorded at:Utilization of the Emergency Department for Psychiatric Patients, Mt. Sinai Hospital Chicago, IL 

Part I is a talk from this conference …

Delirium with Dr. Zachary Sager

Dr. Sager presents Delirium and how common it is through various statistics before explaining the Delirium DSM- 5 Criteria. He then discusses the many paths ...

Chemical and Physical Restraints for the Violent Emergency Patient

takedown and restraint of the violent, agitated delirium patient. There is also a link to Reuben's strayers approach. Watch them all and form your own!

The emergency medicine approach to an unconscious patient – First10EM

A brief summary of the initial emergency medicine approach to the patient with altered mental status

article only (no lecture)

May 2010 - Stroke - Which Type and Why You Should Care - Episode 104 | EM:RAP

Stuart is bringing some fast talking energy to this segment... It's fast and upbeat and full of Pearls.

October 2014 - HippoReviews - Altered Mental Status - An Approach - Part 1 - Episode 157 | EM:RAP

Whenever 8 experienced ER docs are together, you will get 12 different approaches to the patient with altered mental status!