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Updated by Dave Petersen on Jan 30, 2018
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Shop all reliable electronic cabinet cooling fan kits from GardTec to keep your appliances and electronics from overheating.

GardTec 120mm Fan Guard, Wire SC120-W14

Buy 120mm fan guards at discounted price from GardTecOnline. Our wire fan guards enable the quietest 120mm case fan operation without sacrificing durability.

172mm Cabinet Cooling Fan Kit, Filter and Cord 120v CAB708

This 172mm cabinet cooling fan kits contains one 172mm cooling fan, one plastic fan guard with polyurethane filter, and one 72 inch power plug. 

GardTec Fan Tray Assembly for Server Rack Cooling

GardTec offers a large selection of high quality server rack cooling trays and fan accessories at fantastic prices. To view our latest collection, visit our website.

80mm Fan Guard, Wire SC80-W11 - GardTec

Our 80mm wire fan guards are perfect for reducing fan speed & excessive noise. These quality wire fan guards are an essential part of electronics cooling.

Fan Power Cord, Electrical US Wall Plug CAB125 NEMA 5-15P

Buy fan power cord at discounted price from GardTecOnline. This 73 NEMA 5-15P fan power cord is a three-wire grounding device for 125v circuit use.

120mm Fan Guard, Wire SC120-W14SS Stainless Steel

Fan guards from GardTec protect 120mm case fans and cooling rack fans without blocking airflow. We sell fan guards in bulk at a discount price, place your order now.

172mm Cabinet Cooling Fan Kit, Cord and Wire Guard 120v CAB707 - GardTec

Cabinet cooling fan kits for 172mm fan racks each contain one 172mm cooling fan, one nickel chrome wire fan guard, and one 72 inch fan plug.

120mm Cabinet Cooling Fan Kit, Cord and Wire Guard 120v CAB702

Buy 120mm cabinet cooling fan kit, CAB702 including cord and wire guard from GardTec. We supply the best cabinet cooling fan kits at a discounted price.

162mm Fan Guard, Wire SC162-W1SS Stainless Steel - GardTec

The 162mm wire fan guards protect the cabinet cooling fans from being damaged by foreign object as they keep important electronics from overheating.

GardTec 162mm Fan Guard, Wire SC162-W13

Buy 162mm wire fan guards to protect cabinet cooling fans. These steel fan guards are plated with bright nickel chrome to prevent the wire fan guard from rusting.

Adding Cooling Fans For Your Electronics Can Protect Them

Electronics can be expensive, but they give us plenty of value for work and for entertainment. Being able to ensure they are going to be protected though is...

Why Get A 120mm Guard For Your Fan?

The fan plays a vital role to keep your computer system from overheating. If it gets too hot, it may shut down as a built-in safety feature. There is also...

Wire is The Best Material For a Fan Guard

Protecting your computer, helping it to stay cool, and reducing noise are all benefits when you use on of the quality wire fan guards. They are a better...

Rubber Can Be An Efficient Material For Your Fan Casing

Keeping the fan for your computer well protected is important. Don't take it for granted or you may find your computer overheats. Prevention can help...

A Proper Ventilation And Cooling System Is Essential

With an enclosure, you may not be allowing enough circulation to keep your electronics cool. This can result in serious problems, and even the need to pay to...

Fan Tray Assembly Specialist Increases Targets for 2018

GardTec Online is a leading computer supplies company specializes in computer cooling solutions. This very well established online based company in the United States caters to clients on a national…

Fan Power Cords at Affordable Prices from GardTec Online in 2018

80mm fan guard,92mm fan guard,anti vibration mounts,Cabinet Cooling Fan,

For High Quality 120mm Fan Guards – Dave Petersen – Medium

Online provider of all accessories for electronic equipment GardTec Online says they receive inquiries and orders for their selection of 120mm fan guards almost on a daily basis. The company is well…

News: When You Need Fan Power Cords For Your Electronic Equipment

News: GardTec Online has a great selection of power cords available for electronic equipments

High Quality Wire Fan Guards

GardTec Online advises that they gave a great selection of the best wire fan guards availableOnline marketer of accessories for electronic equipment GardTec Online offers a range of products for home and office use to ensure equipment does not overheat. In developed countries – and in many developing countries too – it is fact that every middle-income household has access to electronic equipment and machines. The same goes for offices, government departments and schools. GardTec Online...

  • strives to provide customers total value, committed to provide the industry largest fan accessory options. Their on-line shop carries over 4 million finished accessories.

    GardTecOnline offer a full line of wire guards from 25mm to 300mm chrome plated, stainless steel and black electro finishes, metal and plastic fan guards, aluminum and plastic fan filters, as well as fan cords and daisy fan cord assemblies. They carry a full line of guards to meet the needs of the North American, Asian and European markets.

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