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Best Gastrointestinal Resources

C3 - C3 - Minor/Stable GI Bleeding | EM:RAP

In last month’s episode, we dealt with patients who were obviously bleeding to death. Most patients with GI bleeding present with far less drama. The …

January 2016 - The UTI That Isn’t - Cracking The Chest | EM:RAP

"Should the urinalysis be part of a ‘weakness workup’ in patients without UTI symptoms? It’s part of the reflex workup, but we might be doing more harm …"

Management of the Massive GI Bleed – First10EM

"A brief summary of the initial emergency department resuscitation of a patient with massive gastrointestinal bleeding"

First 10 EM is one of my favorite "resuscitation" EM resources - very practical step by step approaches to the sickest EM patients.

November 2012 - Post Bariatric Surgery Patients in the ER - Episode 134 | EM:RAP

"Bariatric surgeries are becoming much more common. They will go bad and they will show up in your department! What will you do? Carlos can …"

C3 - Introduction - Abdominal Pain in the Elderly | EM:RAP

Abdominal pain is the third most common complaint in patients over 65, after chest pain and shortness of breath with millions of ED patient encounters …

C3 - Introduction and Case | EM:RAP

As with the elderly, children with abdominal pain are special and require a different diagnostic approach. In this episode of C3, we will consider the …

C3 - C3 - Massive GI Bleed | EM:RAP

The unstable patient with massive gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is one of the most dramatic things we will encounter in the ED. Stuart, Mizuho, Mel …

August 2011 - GI Pearls for Practice - Episode 119 | EM:RAP

Rob Orman talks with this local GI guru about common ED GI disorders.

The Acute Abdomen with Dr Farmer

Dr. Farmer is on faculty with the University of Louisville with the Department of Surgery as a Colorectal and General Surgeon. Here, he discusses his approac...

May 2006 - Diarrhea - Part 1 - Episode 56 | EM:RAP

Not the jazziest topic but something we all need to learn...(Recorded at USC Grand Rounds)