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Updated by Jerry E. Lynch on Dec 01, 2017
Headline for Tips to Avoid Construction Site Accidents and Injuries
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Tips to Avoid Construction Site Accidents and Injuries

Below are a few tips to promote safety at construction sites and avoid common site injuries. For any injuries sustained on the job, construction workers may be entitled to seek compensation and restitution to help them with their financial obligations while they recover.


Provide appropriate safety training

On-the-job training can prevent a variety of injuries, from mild to severe, but without it, construction workers may be making decisions or taking actions without proper precautions or preparation. All workers should be provided with thorough training on the tools they will be using, the work they will be doing, and the potential hazards that they may face. Every job site should include information about safety procedures, and the names and contact information for trained EMTs or first aid providers. Equipment should be reviewed, and use should be restricted to those who have received the proper training.


Use the proper tools

Using the correct tools for the job can go a long way in preventing injuries and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Construction workers who are not provided with the proper tools run the risk of having to improvise or use inappropriate equipment that may not be correctly designed or calibrated for the job at hand. When this happens, a worker runs the risk of the tool malfunctioning or causing serious injury.


Enforce the use of protective gear

Many construction jobs require specific safety and protective gear to prevent injury, but if these requirements are not met, workers run the risk of serious injuries. Protective gear can include anything from gloves to safety goggles to steel-toed boots, and all workers should be provided with a list of required items (or the items themselves) before beginning work at a particular site.


Maintain a safe workplace

Construction sites should be kept as clean as possible, and free from obstacle or debris. Tripping, falling, and slipping are leading causes of injury, and a clean workspace can eliminate many of these hazards. Similarly, tools and equipment should be properly cleaned and stored to ensure that they remain in safe working order.


Follow all safety guidelines are requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines should be followed at all times, along with any other applicable safety regulations for a particular site. All employees should be aware of the guidelines and requirements, and should be diligent in following them. Cutting corners and failing to follow these rules could result in serious injuries.