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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for 6 Luxury Maldives Experiences to Try – Experience the best of the much spoken tropical paradise
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6 Luxury Maldives Experiences to Try – Experience the best of the much spoken tropical paradise

With unreal bungalows set atop turquoise waters and the softest sands you can imagine, Maldives is simply a paradise. From diving to the cuisine, here are the best experiences to try.


Spend a night in an over-water bungalow

Over the water bungalows have been omnipresent in the Maldives and while they might seem dated and cliché, the experience is nothing of the sort. The bungalows are set away from the main island, giving guests ample privacy while the back opens to the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. On the inside, the bungalows are well furnished with plush interiors. As mentioned above, most resorts such as Dhigali Maldives have over-water bungalows.


Gaze at the stars

Due to the spacing between islands and the lack of vehicles, most places in the Maldives allow you to star gaze without being hindered by air pollution. Certain resorts have also taken advantage of this factor to set up their own observatories so you can get a clearer view of the stars or on your lucky day, even a planet! Away from the car beams and other lights of humans, this is guaranteed to be a surreal experience.


Sit down for a beach picnic

The sandy beach does not necessarily have to be used just for swims and long walks; you can also have a picnic on the shores. Most restaurants in Maldives and its resorts will happily help you throw one. Having a full course gourmet picnic on soft sand and a few meters from the emerald water will be an experience you will not easily find elsewhere.


Relish in a candle lit dinner by the shore

If you are looking for something more intimate and romantic than a picnic, opt for a candle-lit dinner during the evenings. A popular request by most couples; it can easily be arranged at a resort. Not only are you treated to fantastic meals but you are also given complete privacy in secluded areas on the beach.


Retreat to a beach house

The highlight at resorts in the Maldives is the over the water bungalows mentioned above, but few know that the beach houses in the islands offer an experience as good or sometimes even better than the over-water villas. Some of the beach houses come with Jacuzzis and are built showcasing Maldivian architecture. Not just that, each beach house offers plenty of privacy and come with their own well maintained gardens and a unique open aired bathroom.


Ride on a Dhoni

For those who do not know, Dhonis are traditional boats that have a long history in the country and are still widely used in the island nation. Some dhonis operate with lateen sails while the rest work on motors. Aesthetics wise, they do look a bit like dhows. Back to the point, there are luxury dhonis that are handcrafted to luxuriously take you around the islands. These are equipped with everything from beds on the bow, to fully-stocked kitchens.

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