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Headline for Encounters at Ocean Park Hong Kong - Splashes Galore!
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Encounters at Ocean Park Hong Kong - Splashes Galore!

Ocean Park Hong Kong is home to a whole slew of gorgeous creatures that thrive in their care. Here's a list of encounters that the park offers for you to get up close and personal with them.


Meet the Giant Panda

Both kids and parents would enjoy this opportunity to meet giant pandas. Creating an unforgettable close encounter, you can get firsthand experience at taking care of these beautiful creatures. A fun activity for the whole family. The park's animal keepers guide you to where the pandas live and you can learn interesting facts like how their food is prepared. The parks 'Meet the Giant Panda' segment also features many fun interactive games for the whole family that educate you on wild pandas and their conservation.


Honorary Panda Keeper

The Honorary Panda Keeper program within Ocean Park Hong Kong offers a one of a kind experience to anyone who signs up. Through this, you can explore the "restricted" areas of the panda enclosure where you go behind the scenes and see the lives of the pandas and learn what it takes to care for them every day. You get to wear a special uniform and learn the preparation process of their food and toys with the parks experts, and even help the keepers of the park tidy and clean up. Besides the training demonstration with the giant panda, you'll learn a variety of things on their habitat, the threats they face in the wild and little things that help keep them safe. These intelligent creatures offer so much to learn and you get to walk away from this experience with an exclusive souvenir as a reward for your hard work.


Meet the Sea Lion

The Ocean Park also offers an interesting "Meet the Sea Lion" segment that allows you to interact with the resident sea lions. This happens at the Pacific Pier where you observe these magnificent creatures up close and get to watch a special training demonstration. Attendees even get to pet these adorable animals and learn about the conservation process relative to them. Hong Kong service apartments are a great choice if you want to explore the city and the entirety of this park thoroughly; Citadines Ashley Hong Kong is one relatively near the Ocean Park and close by to many other local attractions.


Meet the Penguin

Penguins are absolutely adorable creatures that have been featured in countless movies and children's cartoons, making them a favourite of many. Ocean Park offers a great 'Meet the Penguin' segment that takes you completely behind the scenes where you get to play interactive games with the penguins and even feed them. The park's trainers provide professional advice and information on these creatures and their lives as well.


Penguin Encounter

The 'Penguin Encounter' segment offers a deeper look into the lives of these creatures where you'll explore their life journey within their home. You'll get to meet different varieties of penguins like king penguins, Gentoo penguins and even the southern rockhoppers. An expert from the park will help you learn about their differences and even assist you in their feeding. You'll also get to observe the park's penguin keepers in their daily care work that guarantees to expand your knowledge on these amazing animals.