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Maldivian Food – Tantalising Your Taste Buds

Tantalize your taste buds Maldivian style with a wide range of delightful delicacies from this country. There are a few ingredients that are a staple here, but wonders are created out of them.


Samosa also known as Bis Keemiya

It is a basic pastry this dish but you will be surprised at how good the traditional Bis Keemiya tastes. Truth be told it is hardly any work making this dish. You will need to sort the dough with some flour and butter and while it rests temper in some onions, tuna and chillies. Squeeze in some lime and you have got a tangy curry ready to be stuffed in the dough. Once you stuff your curry in the triangular dough all you need to do is deep fry it. This is how simple it is to make Bis Keemiya.



Mashuni is the most popular dish for breakfasts. Perfectly complementing both rotti and rice, this dish really is a staple in nearly every Maldivian home. Mashuni is prepared using smoked tuna combined with coconut. One alternative way to make Mashuni is to add the Mashuni inside the rotti prior to baking it. This gives it a sandwich like feel which is called Masroshi. If you are having breakfast on the go, Masroshi is perfect.


Banbukeyo Harissa

Breadfruit is commonly used in Maldives for cooking. The traditional breadfruit curry that is prepared in Maldives is called Banbukeyo Harissa and this truly is one amazing curry. Cooked using generous portions of coconut milk, this yellow curry has a slight lemony tang to it and goes perfectly well with rice, rotti and even bread. Ever so tender the well cooked breadfruit pieces just melt in the mouth with every bite.



Roshi is rotti in Maldives. It is like a typical tortilla but the secret to the Maldivian roshi is hot water. While preparing the Roshi hot water is used to knead the dough and if you try it at home you will realize how soft it makes the Roahi. Roshi can be found in pretty much any restaurant in the country. Be it a simple beach restaurant in Maldives or a sophisticated dining venue in a resort like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, there is bound to be Roshi served. Roshi's are sometimes plain but there are variations like the Huni Roshi as well; here wheat flour and coconut is combined and made as into a dough using boiling water. This is later divided into little balls, flattened and fried on a flat pan.


Boshi Mashuni

This is the Maldivian version of a salad. Every ingredient used in this dish makes it super healthy but the best part is it is equally delicious as well. Banana flowers, fresh coconut, coriander leaves and some spices are the main ingredients used to make this salad. It tastes tangy overall and perfectly complements steamed rice. This salad can be prepared almost anywhere in the world. All you need to do is get some banana flowers and the rest of the ingredients are readily available.