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Ayurvedic companies

Ayurvedic industry in India: An overview

The classical texts of Ayurveda were teachings of Gods to learned saints and sages. These were then taught to the physicians who treated the general population. These were then divine directions for the wellbeing of the human population.


The Ayurvedic industry is on a steady growth curve. With excellent delivery mechanisms and research into Ayurvedic formulations making this a very competitive field, this is the right time to invest in the industry.

Challenges Facing The Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers

The Indian Ayurvedic medicine is one of the most popular streams among alternative medicines in the global market. Along with Chinese medicines, it has the potential of dominating the worldwide demand for herbal medicine.

Why Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies Need Medtech

The presence of Medtech companies in India has been steadily increasing. From a largely secondary market, India has emerged as a leading destination for firms specializing in medical technology. Today India is among the top three destinations for large medtech companies. The good news is that competition will only force this number to climb higher.

How to Effectively Market Your Ayurvedic Pharma Products?

Marketing can be called the backbone of your business if you are in the pharma franchise business. If you do everything right and the marketing wrong, you can be rest assured that there will be no profit in the business.

Is Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise a Profitable Opportunity?

Ayurveda has been on a roll in the past couple of years with more and more people following the “getting back to nature” mantra. Ayurveda offers great health benefits to everyone without causing any side effects.

How Ayurvedic Pharma Companies Are Helping With Ayurveda ?

With growing awareness and widespread ailments, people are finding out new and innovative ways to increase immunity to fight deadly diseases.One of these is Ayurveda, which has been one of the most traditional branches of medicines. The mention of Ayurveda has been also been found in our Veda, which was being used even then to cure problems. However its importance got diminished due to an increase in the popularity of English medicine.

How to Age Better with Ayurveda

All living things age with time, from the towering trees to animals and birds. Even the earth, its seas and mountains are ageing over the years. The same applies to human beings. Ageing is a term that includes the changes that occur in our body with time.

Relevance of Ayurveda in Modern Life

One of the most ancient systems of medicine and wellbeing by a human civilisation is Ayurveda. Written over decades by noted physicians of their time, this ancient treatise on human health is one of our most revered and respected inheritances.

Eating Healthy with Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, food and the act of eating are one of the most vital part of our life. Food gives us nourishment and life. Any imbalance in our doshas or an illness can traced back to the food we eat.

Fast Recovery with Ayurvedic Franchise India

Ayurveda is one of the trending subjects in the country as well as across the borders in research, news, innovation, gossip, suggestion, medicine, healthcare, food and what not!