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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Tips Before Climbing – Make Sure your Cimbing Skills are Top Notch!

Preparation is the key to success and it applies in the world of climbing too. By adhering to certain techniques and tips you can easily gain an understanding of the concept.


Wear a helmet

While this should not even have to be told, helmets are regularly forgotten when climbing. Especially when it comes to belaying, helmets are quite necessary due to the loose rock present in the area. Even a pebble the size of a rock hitting you from above can hurt you; sometimes even fatally so it is best you wear a helmet as a precaution against this. With many luxury resorts in Oman to choose from, such as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort and most of them offering services for climbing, it is easy to find helmets around.


Wear closed toe shoes

Closed toe shoes are extremely important to protect your feet. For an instance, if you are being pulled up or using the wall to deflect, a closed toe shoe can prevent you from stubbing your toes and help you avoid any injury that could force you to call off your climbing trip. Not just against such injuries, a closed toe shoe can give you a certain degree of protection against the many animals in the area such as spiders, scorpions or even snakes.


Don't forget the belay gloves

Belay gloves are an absolute necessity regardless of the fact that you may or may not be using belays. They give the user better control on the rope while also protecting their hands from rope burns and any objects that stick onto the rope as it travels across the ground. This could be anything from insects to cactuses that could cause you to abruptly let go of the rope. On thin ropes, belay gloves also offer a better grip than usual. You should also always double check the setup of the belay and tying knot before you get started.


Get a belayer you can trust

Especially if you are starting out on climbing, it is important to have someone competent and reliable on the other side of the rope. By this, I mean you should have someone who will be busy looking out for you and keeping you safe instead of staring at his or her phone. If possible have someone who is more or less equal to your body weight to belay as it will make the job significantly easier.


Communicate with your partner

Always ensure there is constant communication between you, the leader and the belayer. While you might be putting all your focus on what to hold in front of you, constant communication will help you feel safer and also boost confidence in yourself. If you are about to fall you can tell your partner this and he or she can help soften the fall. The other advantage is that your partner will also stay focused on you and help you through difficult spots or encourage you in moments where you seem too tired.