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Updated by Kshitij Gokhale on Nov 27, 2017
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Must read tips before investing!

Should You Invest In A Balanced Fund?

A mutual fund uses invested money of various individuals and invests them into various pre-set allocations. These allocations are equity, debt or any other asset class as prescribed by the fund. A…

Monthly Income Plan: Here’s everything you need to know!

Monthly Income Plan is defined as the debt oriented mutual fund scheme that invests around 75-85% of the total corpus into debt instruments, such as government securities, debentures, etc. While the remaining part is invested in equity. In simple terms, MIPs invest most of their corpus in debt, but a small part is invested in…

3 Easy Ways to Buy Mutual Funds Online

Today, most of the financial transactions are conducted online. Whether it’s about booking movie tickets or transferring money in your children’s account, everything is done just with the click of a…

SIP Calculators: All that you need to know!

A Systematic investment plan is one of the best ways of investing in mutual funds. It helps you to invest a particular amount of money determined by you on regular intervals i.e., monthly, quarterly or weekly. But, to make a successful investment, financial planning is very important. And that’s why SIP calculators play a major…

The Finance Marketer — 4 Benefits of SIP Investments

Sip investments, also known as Systematic Investment Plans
are investment schemes offered by mutual fund companies in India. The investor
is allowed to invest step-by-step in a fund instead of putting a lump sum
amount at once. This is considered a highly disciplined approach to investing.
You can invest weekly, quarterly, monthly etc.

5 points to remember while investing in ELSS – Kshitij Gokhale – Medium

As soon as the financial year closes to an end, people run around frantically looking out of tax savings investment plans. Usually, the usual go-to schemes are Unit-Linked Investment Plans, endowment…

Monthly Income Plan: Yay or Nay?

'A bit of extra money over and above my salary is not my cup of tea’ said no human being ever. So how does one earn that extra money? From the billionaires to the ordinary person on the local train, they will recommend you to invest. However, where can you invest that gives you a…

The Finance Marketer — All you need to know about SIP investments!

Life has a diverse variety of
demands at ever milestone. Regardless of the fact that your income may not be
able to suffice these demands, every now and then you will be faced with a need
that requires you to shell out excess funds. For situations like this, you need
to prepare yourself beforehand. The two ways you can have, access to excess
funds is by either saving or investing to gather funds.

The Finance Marketer — All you need to know about investing in ELSS funds

Haphazard tax planning is the
norm in India. Come the last quarter, every working person flops around in
panic and accountants scurry to get their books in order. And no matter if it’s
a business man or a salaried professional, everyone looks for all kinds of tax
exemptions they could benefit from.