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04 Things you should NOT do in Bali - for a Fun Trip, follow these Tips!

Bali is a beautiful island and the people are really friendly to travellers, however, there are some things you shouldn't do if you want to keep it that way. Here are a few to keep in mind.


Stay modest

Balinese people are generally more conservative than westerners - they disapprove of public displays of affection or revealing clothing. While you can wear whatever you like when you are at your resort, once you step outside, you will need to keep your clothing as modest as possible, especially if you plan to visit a temple. When visiting a Hindu temple, both men and women are required to wear non-fitted tops with sleeves. Flip-flops are okay, as long as your overall look is modest enough. Before you enter the temple, both men and women are requested to drape a sarong around their legs, and a temp scarf around their waists. These items are generally provided by the temple, but you are free to bring your own coverings.


Be mindful of your hands

The Balinese people are quite particular about certain things when it comes to using your hands or even gesturing. Never touch a Balinese person's head as it is considered the place where the soul resides, and it therefore off limits, even children. In addition, don't use your left hand to touch anyone, or give anything. The reason for this is that the left hand is used primarily for purification purposes (washing your nether regions), hence it is considered as "impure" by the Balinese. The only exception to this rule is when you use both your hands to give an offering to someone or at a temple, this is seen as a sign of respect. Finally, don't point at things or gesture at someone with your index finger. If you need to point out something, loosely wave you hand in the direction or use your thumb to point. To beckon a person, make a downward wave with your palm facing down.


Think before you drink the water

Most resorts such Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, for example, a Bali golf resort will provide safe bottled or filtered water to drink, but once you wander out of the resort, think twice before drinking any water. The tap water isn't the best quality and is often cited as the main cause for 'Bali belly', even locals won't drink it without boiling it first. Stick to canned drinks or bottled water; make sure the seal is intact as some places will simply refill bottles with tap water. You needn't worry about the ice though as the quality is strictly controlled by the government


Watch where you step

You may come across little packages of woven leaves, flowers and herbs all over the streets of Bali, these are called canang sari and are left by locals early mornings as offerings to the gods. Stepping on one is extremely offensive and a sign of disrespect, so watch where you step to avoid any potential disasters.