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Backpropagation. A peak into the mathematics of optimization

In order to get a truly deep understanding of deep neural networks, one must look at the mathematics of it. As backpropagation is at the core of the...

Installing MySQL and getting acquainted with the interface

This post will be a little technical, a little bit complicated, but very important – we will be installing MySQL Workbench and a MySQL Server.

SQL DELETE Statement - How to safely remove records from a database

In this post, we will focus on removing records from a database. This operation is carried out with the SQL DELETE statement.

SQL INSERT Statement in a bit more detail - 365 Data Science

We will explore the INSERT statement in a bit more detail. We have also prepared Exercise and Solution files so you can practice what you've learnt.

Python Functions for Beginners - An Introduction to Python Functions

We’ll deal with Python functions - an invaluable tool for programmers. The best way of learning is by doing, so let’s create a function and see how it...

Introduction to Programming with Python - 365 Data Science

Introduction to Programming with Python is a long but indispensable post. We went through everything you need to know before you start coding.

SQL UPDATE Statement - How to update databases the right way

Learn how to use the SQL UPDATE Statement in your database, how to combine it with WHERE clause and a few other SQL tips and tricks.

SQL Best Practices - How to type code cleanly and perfectly organized

Following SQL best practices is crucial. Good code is not the one computers understand; it is the one humans can understand.

Simpson’s paradox explained, or when facts aren’t really facts

Simpson's paradox - from US wage gap, through Harry Potter and medical trials, to voting and implications for data science

Data scientist career path: How to find your way through the data science maze

Taking the data scientist career path is rewarding yet challenging. We have broken up the various career choices into a manageable set of three paths.

Basic Python Syntax - Introduction to Syntax and Operators

In this post, we’ll build our knowledge in Python syntax. We are one step away from covering the essentials, and then we’ll be able to dive into more...

Bayesian inference vs frequentist approach: same data, opposite results

Bayesian inference vs frequentist approach. Lindley's paradox, or when the same data yields cotradictory results - 365 Data Science.

Data Analyst Interview with Ina. Data science from the start - 365 Data Science

Data Analyst Interview with Ina. She is a Data Analyst at an online platform start-up. Read about her experience on 365 DataScience.

False positive and false negative. Type I error vs Type II error explained

When a person learns about hypothesis testing, they are often confronted with the two errors – false positive and false negative

Conditionals and Loops in Python: Learn how to use them together

Combining conditionals and loops in Python made easy with this lesson. Check out the two approaches, both can lead to the same outcome.

Database vs Spreadsheet - Advantages and Disadvantages

We will focus on the differences between database vs spreadsheet. If you still think of Excel when we talk about tabular data, then this post is a must-read

Relational Database Essentials - 365 Data Science

A relational database has a few advantages on its own. A small bit of theory will explain why it is still the preferred choice in many companies.

Database Terminology - A Beginners Guide - 365 Data Science

Learning more about database terminology is a necessary step that will help us when we start coding. This post allowed us to learn certain terms you...

The elif keyword - Adding a second 'if' statement to an expression

Learn an elegant way of adding a second “if” statement to one of our expressions with the help of the elif keyword... with an example!

Python tuples - Learn how to work with them - 365 Data Science

Python tuples are another type of data sequences. Tuples are similar to lists, but there are some subtle differences we should not overlook.

What is skewness - A skewness example - 365 Data Science

Skewness indicates whether the observations in a dataset are concentrated on one side. Skewness can be confusing, so a skewness example is in place.

VLOOKUP COLUMN and ROW: Handle large data tables with ease

VLOOKUP COLUMN and ROW. In this lesson you will learn how to use COLUMNS and ROWS as a counter in lookup functions in large tables.

The simple linear regression model. Geometrical representation

The simple linear regression model. You have probably heard about the regression line, right? When we plot the data points on an x-y plane...

VLOOKUP and MATCH another useful Excel functions combination

In this lesson, we’ll present another Excel functions combination that can be useful - VLOOKUP and MATCH. Learn how to create a table with the number of...

Statistics - Population vs sample - 365 Data Science

Population vs sample? The first step of every statistical analysis you will perform is to determine if your data is a population or a sample.