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Headline for Best Beverages in Maldives - Sample the Local Fruits and Drinks of the Maldivian Isles
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Best Beverages in Maldives - Sample the Local Fruits and Drinks of the Maldivian Isles

Beverages suitable for every occasion: sample some of the seasonal fruits and traditional beverages of the Republic of Maldives for an authentic Maldivian experience.


Reinvigorate Yourself with a Feyru Fani

The guava fruit is a delicious tropical fruit that is native to the Central American and Northern South American region. It is also well known in the South Asian region, and is known to be the winter national fruit of Pakistan. Guava is presently found in many tropical countries, including Maldives. Known to the locals as Feyru Fani, guava juice is rich in vitamin C, has folic acid as well as dietary fibers. Therefore, it is an ideal drink to start your day with. However, inquire in advance as to whether the beverages have to be paid for separately, or you might find yourself with a significant bill at the end of your holiday for most resorts charge a large markup, especially on fruit juices. Thus, it is best to opt for a Maldives all inclusive resort, especially if you wish to vary the types of meals and beverages you have throughout the course of your vacation.


Rehydrate Yourself with a Karaa Fani

A Karaa Fani refers to watermelon juice. In the Maldives, a Karaa Fani is not merely the juice of the watermelon; it is actually the flesh of the watermelon scooped out and blended with sugar and ice to create a soothing, cooling and refreshing drink. Watermelons also have high water content and are therefore, the ideal drink to have after spending the day in the sun. Not only does a Karaa Fani rehydrate you, it will also replenish some of the nutrients lost during the day while continuing to be a delicious drink.


Enjoy the Spiciness of a Masala Chai

Masala Chai refers to a 'mixed–spice' tea which is essentially a flavoured version of the iconic beverage. Having its origins in India, Masala Chai is consumed in abundance throughout the Indian continent. It is prepared by brewing tea along with a mix of spices and herbs such as ginger, cardamoms, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg or cloves. All the spices are not used together in preparing Masala Chai; instead, different regions prepare this beverage differently. In Maldives, Masala Chai is usually prepared by brewing the tea with spices such as ginger, cloves and cinnamon, to which milk is added. After it is prepared, the spices are removed via draining and the tea is served.


Try a Mixed Fruit Smoothie for Breakfast

Instead of having a heavy breakfast, holidaymakers can opt to have a mixed fruit smoothie packed with nutrients and other vitamins. Simply ask your hotel to prepare a smoothie for breakfast, if they don't already offer the option. Resorts such as Kuramathi Island Resort might even let you pick the seasonal fruit you wish to have as a smoothie. Take advantage of the tropical climate and the tropical fruits that it entails and sample some of the local fruits in Maldives. Ask your hotel to blend the fruit with ice to make a delicious and cooling drink to start the day with.


Mint Tea

Enjoy the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean with a mint tea in your hand. Prepared by brewing tea and combining green tea, mint and sugar, mint tea is a delicious and simple drink to enjoy in the evening. It will warm your soul and invigorate your senses.