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Top Attractions in Vanuatu – Adventure and Intrigue in a Pacific Paradise

Vanuatu might be a place that many would find obscure, but is one of the most beautiful tropical nations in the Pacific. With an intriguing culture and lush natural beauty, this place is a paradise.


The National Museum of Vanuatu:

When visiting a place as exotic as this, it's always good to gain an understanding of the heritage of our destination. The building alone is bound to fascinate you since it has strikingly traditional architecture. Within the building, you will find a captivating smorgasbord of historical artefacts. These include everything from native percussion equipment to various vessels that were used to tackle the seas. The ceremonial outfits and accessories of the museum are bound to be exceptionally captivating, along with the photographic display regarding the sacred burial site of Chief Roi Mata.


The Millennium Cave:

Vanuatu is also incredibly rich in geographical wonders and one of the most iconic of these is the Millennium Cave. This cavernous formation is twenty metres in width and fifty metres in height and is situated fifteen kilometres from Luganville, the nation's second largest city. On a visit to the cave, you can descend down bamboo ladders, explore an underground lair occupied by bats, and even conclude your adventure with an exhilarating ride down the jungle rapids.


Mount Yasur:

This is definitely a lucrative attraction for the most daring adrenaline junkies. Mount Yasur is quite notorious for being one of the most active volcanoes to exist in the world, and has erupted several times during the past eight hundred years. Despite this, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the nation, and many a Vanuatu resort including the likes of Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu offer expeditions to this mountain. You can stand at the edge of the volcano and gaze into its fiery interior as the earth rumbles below your feet. You might even hear the whizzing of volcanic rocks soaring through the air.


Ekasup Cultural Village:

If you wish to experience the traditional lives of the natives of the nation head to the Ekasup Cultural Village. It is situated just five kilometres away from the capital of the nation, Port Vila, and is definitely a most worthwhile visit. At the village, actual tribesmen would act as your guides and comprehensively educate you on local culture by way of various exhibits and workshops. They will even actively demonstrate hunting techniques, traditional weaving methods, and the preparation of local delicacies. This is definitely an experience you're bound to remember for a lifetime.


Hideaway Island:

If you're a lover of nature then this is probably the best place for you to visit in Vanuatu. This tiny landmass is abundant in botanical wonders as well as native wildlife. It is one of the best places to experience the astonishingly high biodiversity of Vanuatu. It is essentially a marine sanctuary and you can discover a plethora of marine-life such as corals, sponges, and various kinds of tropical fish. Interestingly, this island also boasts the world's one and only underwater post office.