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Graham Hill Eyecare

Graham Hill Eyecare providing highest quality eye care services to Shepparton region. We have a wide range of high fashion, sports glasses, budget glasses, children's glasses, safety glasses, and sunglasses. We use latest equipment, technology, and knowledge to provide exceptional eye care service to the region.

Graham Hill Eyecare provide comprehensive eye examination for children to commencing school to ensure there are no visual factors that may impede their ability to learn. We have specialised children's glasses to fit all children.

Graham Hill Eyecare provide highest quality eye care services to Shepparton region. We have the greatest range of eyewear to provide exceptional eye care service to the region. We utilise the latest equipment, technology and knowledge.

Graham Hill Eyecare provide general eye examination depending on the complexity of your needs. We measured your vision and then discussed the possible need for visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses.

Graham Hill Eyecare are the leading bulk billing optometrist in Shepparton. Our highly trained optometrists offer bulk billed eye tests to allow patients to attend appointments regularly to treat any existing eye complaint.

Graham Hill Eyecare offer dry eye treatment in Shepparton. We providing lubricating eye drops, antiseptic eyelid cleansers, heat compresses and the very effective in house blephasteam treatment.

Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea becomes thin and stretched, bulging outwards into a conical shape. Graham Hill Eyecare provides treatment for keratoconus in Shepparton in the form of RGP contact lenses.

Clear frames are usually colorless or come with a slight tint of color which is invisible when viewed from far. If you wear clear frame glasses, you will look like a star of the show because of the funky and trendy look of the transparent glasses.

Advantages of Using Sunglasses

The eye is the most sensitive organ in the human body that is often exposed to direct sunlight. Wearing high-quality sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the harmful radiations of the sun. Grab the pair of trendy sunglasses and walk down the street to grab people’s attention.

A Guide to The Changes in Optometrists Bulk Billing

The optometry practices have many changes especially in the billing procedures by the Medicare. The bulk billing optometrist ensure that rebates are given to patients so that they do not want to pay more than they have to. Here are criteria for eye tests and bulk billing.

Understanding Medicare And Medicare Optometrist

Optometrist is an eye doctor holding a degree of Doctor of Optometry. An optometrist provides services for vision and health issues. They are specialists in correcting eye imparities.

Things to Know About Medicare Optometrist

Eye health is vital for every person. Under Medicare optometrists, the permanent residents of Australia are liable to get subsidized eye examination by optometrists. Here are certain norms to get Medicare benefits.

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

There are several health benefits of wearing sunglasses which is supposed to be a simple yet most stylish accessory. It protects your eyes from a large number of medical conditions that are usually caused by the ultraviolet rays.

The Significance of a Children’s Optometrist

If your child is facing serious problems with the eyes, then it would be a wise decision to take him to the optometrist. Here are several factors which may lead you to a children’s optometrist.