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529 College Savings Plan

The most important and attractive benefit of a 529 plan is that any amount of money that is withdrawn from the account for the purpose of funding qualified and verified higher education is completely exempt from taxes under federal income.

What You Need to Know About 529 College Savings Plan in California? - Financial Planning Platform

The importance of getting a college education has only increased with time, with almost everyone today aiming to study further and get a degree in a subject that truly interests them. It’s not just about parents pushing their children to get into college anymore; even students are equally invested in working towards a bright and fruitful future.

What is the value of a college education? - Financial Planning Platform

A college education in today’s world holds a lot of value in the long-run. The career marketplace is a very competitive one, so a having good college degree is very essential and it helps companies with distinguishing amongst prospective candidates. It acts as a measure of a student’s skills and excellence in a certain field, and also guides him/her in the career direction that would be best suited for their skill set. This is why it is important for any student to pick the right course and institution for themselves, and have a solid financial plan to back-up their choice.

College Financial Aid Advisor - Save Today | Financial Planning Platform

Planning for college funds is an important part of educational financial planning. FPP gives you great college savings plans in California.

How much should I be saving for college? - Financial Planning Platform

A college education has a lot of value, and today a lot of people have realized its importance and are looking at various ways to save enough money to fund a college education for their children. Deciding how much to save for college is a step-by-step process. First, one needs assess which course the student is going to opt for. The next step would be to do some research on different educational institutions which offer the course. The step after this would be to find out the amount of tuition fees, and one can then decide how much to save for college.

What are the advantages of a 529 college savings plan? - Financial Planning Platform

Parents must definitely consider a 529 college savings plan and invest in them because they ensure a safer and more secure educational future for the student and also greatly encourages getting a college education, which holds a lot of value throughout a person’s career and life. They come with various benefits and are a sure-shot and secured way of keeping funds aside for future education purposes. 529 savings plans have been designed with the aim to make going to college a smooth and enriching journey for both students and their families as well.

Will I be able to pay back my student loans? - Financial Planning Platform

Student loans are very useful schemes that allow prospective college students the liberty to choose a loan plan that would best suit their course’s requirement. Most schemes allow you to choose the tenure of repayment, and this can be done post completion of the degree course. Student loans are reliable and secure, and they give financial freedom to students who are unable to save for college beforehand. The best option is for a student to save whilst in college and repay the loan on time, and choose a plan that is feasible and achievable for them.

Student Budget - Financial Planning Platform

Every college student needs a budget, because the lack of one can always create the probability of a financial deficit. Keeping their available funds in mind, a student must always draw up a budget and allocate appropriate resources to each and every priority on the list. It is also advised for a student to take the help of an elder and/or a professional to draw up a foolproof budget, and follow it meticulously from thereon. Drawing up a budget is a reliable contingency plan, so that in times of need the student is not left high and dry and has something to fall back on.

College Savings Calculator - Financial Planning Platform

Getting into a good college to secure a degree is essential in today’s world, especially as the career market gets competitive and tough to make a mark in. A college education today has a considerable value and can fetch a student a good job. This is probably why there have been many institutions and colleges that have come up over the years and are offering various courses that students can choose from. While the decision to choose the right course is very crucial, it is also equally important to get funds arranged to support college education. It can be quite an expensive affair; hence a good plan for saving money is required.

Cash Flow Calculator - Financial Planning Platform

A cash flow statement in instrumental to analyzing how much cash is coming in and out of a company through business deals and transactions. It also helps with understanding where the company stands in terms of liquidity and usable cash for expenses in the future. A cash flow statement is usually drawn on an annual basis and helps with drawing up a Business Valuation.

Insurance Calculator - Financial Planning Platform

Deciding to get insurance, be it Life, Medical or for any other purpose is a big step and should be taken with all questions answered and all necessary information obtained. Many people today are opting to be insured because it gives a sense of safety and security, and comes in handy during unexpected times of need. It is also better to be prepared and have a good contingency plan, and getting insured is one such step.

Investment Calculator - Financial Planning Platform

Investments are a great way to allocate your resources and also make substantial gains from them. Instead of spending away your money, you can build on it and multiply it into an earning, and thus also stabilize your financial position and secure your future to a considerable extent. Banks and private institutions today offer a plethora of investment options to their clients, and each option has its own set of benefits and pros. When you decide to buy a stock, you must also be aware of how much your share is going to yield. Similarly, whether it’s a Certificate of Deposit, a Mutual Fund, or even a Bond, it’s important to know what exactly your benefits are and also the limitations for your contributions.

Retirement Calculator - Financial Planning Platform

Planning in advance for your retirement funds is a very important decision and is also essential to ensure that you have a secure and balanced future, even after you’ve quit your job. This gives you the liberty to relax and enjoy your off days without having to worry about providing for yourself. There are a number of retirement plans available, and the earlier one starts, the better their position post-retirement.

Savings Calculator - Financial Planning Platform

If you are looking to secure your future financially and undergo minimal problems in situations of contingency, then there is a one-stop solution that will solve all your problems: Savings. Savings are a great way to keep aside a portion of your hard-earned income and make sure that it is put to good use and is beneficial to you even later on.

Calculators - Financial Planning Platform

Planning your finances can be a task, especially when there are so many options in the market to choose from and you aren’t too sure of what might be the best one for you. Allocating your funds into the right schemes at the right times, and also with the right people or institutions, is what will ensure that your hard earned accrues interest and converted into valuable savings that will secure you financially – not just now but in the future as well. With an array of schemes, both private and government endorsed available in the market, your decision must be a well-researched and informed one.