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Best Cardiovascular Resources

May 2016 - Is It or Isn’t It a STEMI - Part 1 - Snake Bites and The Missed MI | EM:RAP

"Sometimes, despite your best efforts at providing optimal care, there is a bad outcome and a lawsuit results. How should you document in those …"

Very nice case about STEMI malpractice with Rob Orman, Amal Mattu, Mike Weinstock

Amal Mattu on EKGs : ST elevation, Wide Complex Tachycardia and PE

"Dr. Amal Mattu gives the low down on what to do with a bizarre looking wide complex tachycardia as well as ST elevation that might or might not be a STEMI."

Amal Mattu's simple and straight forward approach to systematically working through an EKG with ST segment changes.

Shock and Hemodynamics in the CCU with Dr. Brown — Louisville Lectures

"Dr, Lorrel Brown covers the basics of shock including how to recognize
cardiac shock from history, physical exam and invasive monitoring. She
discusses physiology and interpretation of pulmonary artery catheterization
and then covers choice of vasopressors for therapy."

This lecturer, Dr Brown, is one of the best lecturers for cardiology that I've come across online. She has several lectures that I'd highly recommend. Also, in general, this "Louisville Lectures" offer very nice, high quality lectures mostly geared towards internal medicine, but also easy to apply in other specialties.

Hypertensive Crisis with Dr. Lorrel Brown — Louisville Lectures

"Dr. Lorrel Brown discusses the Hypertensive Crisis by first defining
hypertension. She then defines hypertensive crisis as having severely
elevated blood pressure with end-organ damage. After, she discusses the
pathophysiology of end organ damage along with the different treatment
approaches for hypertensive crisis. Finally, she finishes her presentation
with a few case reports. "

This is a nice review of the new school thought for approach to patients with hypertension from an IM perspective, still applicable largely to ED.

HD - Tachyarrhythmias Lecture | EM:RAP

"Mel Herbert's classic tachyarrhythmia lecture. Watch this, then listen to the C3 Tachyarrhythmias episode, June 2017."

July 2013 - Swollen Legs: The Patient with Leg Edema - Episode 142 | EM:RAP

"An excellent talk by Joelle with some equally impressive commentary by Aaron and Jan."

Nice review of the approach to the very common scenario of the patient with chief complaint of leg edema - nice panel discussion.

Aortic Dissection | EM Cases | EM Cases Course

"Aortic Dissection podcast live from the EM Cases Course with David Carr. Picking up atypical presentations: Five pain pearls, CP +1, CXR, troponin, D-dimer"

Really nice review/update on aortic dissection.

What Do I Do Next? Viral Myocarditis – Hippo Education Blog

"Patients with viral myocarditis can present slightly ill appearing all the way to fulminant respiratory failure. Identifying and considering this diagnosis on your differential diagnosis is half the battle as it can be a difficult diagnosis to make. Amal Mattu and Mike discuss common findings with myocarditis that may help you identify this life threatening diagnosis."

Nice case and review with practical take-home points.

Emergency Arrhythmias 101 with Dr. Brown — Louisville Lectures

"Or Why Electricity is Good For Patients. In this lecture, Dr. Lorrel Brown
distills the scary heart rhythms into easy to remember principles and helps
ease the heart pains of house staff officers. "

BradyArrythmias with Dr. Brown — Louisville Lectures

"Dr. Lorrel Brown recaps the electrical system of the heart then uses cases
to discuss AV blocks and reviews many EKGs! This your chance to get inside
the brain of a cardiologist!"

C3 - C3 - Chest Pain - Introduction | EM:RAP

Chest pain is the second most common chief complaint in the ED, with over 8 million visits annually in the U.S. alone.

How do you avoid a clean kill with wide complex tachycardias?

The EKG master, Dr. Amal Mattu, drops the ultimate pearl on regular really wide complex tachycardia (RRWCT). We bring you our #1 rated talk from EEM conference...

Aortic Stenosis and General Valvular Principles with Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville and is the Associate Director of the Cardiovascular Medicine fellowship. In this lecture,...

Understanding Pacemakers

Confused about implanted pacemakers? Weingart shares a resource you will love.

Podcast 181 - Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventricular Failure with Susan Wilcox

Pulmonary Hypertension and Acute on Chronic RV Failure

February 2016 - Atrial Fibrillation ADP - Part 1 - Cardioversion - A Fib Gets The Royal Treatment | EM:RAP

Cam Berg is back with an a-fib ADP. Are you cardioverting most of your acute onset a-fib patients? Cam says you should be.

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