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Best Wireless Devices and High Speed Internet

WicommFi Best wireless devices offers high speed internet.



Signs You Must Notice When You Need Wifi Extender

Are you worried about irregular WiFi connectivity in your home network? Or sometimes you have no WiFi signals? If you are not sure about the reason, get WiFi extender for your home network. Don’t only have an extender only, invest in quality extender like WicommFi extender. Know more at


Best Wifi USB Adapter - WicommFi

Best Wifi USB Adapter - WicommFi

If you want to go wireless to have internet connection in your devices then purchases WicommFi Wifi USB Adapter. This problem will solve your issue and you can access the internet wirelessly means from anywhere at your home.

WicommFi - Making Life Swift and Secure

Get to know WicommFi and its products. The products include WiFi range extender and WiFi USB Adapter. The extender is used to boost the signal and adapter is used for the wireless connectivity. Look at the Presentation to know about their features.


Extend the Reach of WiFi with WicommFi Wireless Range Extender

Extend the Reach of WiFi with WicommFi Wireless Range Extender

Get a boosted network with WicommFi's WiFi range extender. Installation is very easy as this extender offers QR Code Easy setup. You can operate this extender as a router as well as an access point. Know more by visiting the website.

The Best WiFi USB Adapter

Are you looking for the best WiFi USB Adapter for your PC? If yes then you have landed to the correct page. Look at the specification of the best adapter in the market and know everything about it. For any query or information, the tech team is there to help you.

WicommFi Premium Wireless Devices

Eliminate all dead zones from your workplace and home with WicommFi Wireless Range Extender and get excellent connectivity without wires on all your devices with WicommFi WiFi USB Adapter. WicommFi range extender and adapter are designed to give you hassle free network connectivity. Stay connected with WicommFi product range.


WiFi USB Adapter

WiFi USB Adapter

Getting low speed on your PC? If this is the case then we recommend you to connect a WiFi USB Adapter to your PC or laptop. The USB Adapters are capable of enhancing the Wi-Fi speed and can also make your PC Wi-Fi enabled. Buy one for yourself today to enjoy the internet.


Get to know about an extender and its working. If you need an extender then we have recommended the best wireless range extender for you. See all the details and have the best extender in the market to get lag-free internet access.

How to Setup WicommFi Wireless Range Extender?

Have you got a brand new WicommFi wireless range extender? Now, you are confused how to set up the same. Take a look on the blog, we have provided the setup steps on each of the operational modes. Follow the steps given in each section for extender, router or access point setup respectively.

Perfect Solution for Your Wireless Range Issues

In this video, you are going to get a solution of wireless range. Get a blanket of internet connectivity over entire home and enjoy streaming your latest videos, play online games, send emails, share data and much more. Wireless range extender is used to boost the existing wireless range coming from your router. WicommFi extender is one of the best range extender in the market and the advantage of this is it can be used as a router or as an access point. So, you never have to spend much.

How to Choose the Best WiFi USB Adapter?

It is difficult to choose which adapter is best for you. Find out the best WiFi USB Adapter for you. Also, know about the working of the adapter and choose the adapter according to which wireless standard, how much speed you want etc. Also, the setup is just so easy, connect it to your PC and enjoy the fastest internet.

Enhance Wireless Range of your Router.

If you have a multi-story home then a single router is unable to blanket the entire home with Wi-Fi. So, to resolve this issue we have something for you. The WicommFi’s wireless range extender helps the router and enhances the wireless range. Enjoy surfing internet from anywhere at your home.

Best WiFi Range Extender to Eliminate Dead Zones

Enhance Wifi Range with WicommFi range extender. Experience blazing internet speed and smooth video streaming with this WiFi Range Extender. Get cost effective solution for existing WiFi Range Extension. WicommFi Range Extender is designed with 3 in 1 features, use this device as a router, as a extender or an access point.

Make Your Hotel WiFi Enabled With WicommFi

Enhance your existing WiFi Range with WicommFi Range Extender. Are you worried about your guest login and WiFi speed. Get WicommFi range extender and experience the ultrafast WiFi. Wireless range extender is used to boost the existing wireless range coming from your router. WicommFi extender is one of the best range extender in the market and the advantage of this is it can be used as a router or as an access point. So, you never have to spend much.

Range Extension Device for Home and Office

Get WicommFi Range Extender for your home and office. This device is designed to give super fast wireless connectivity with existing WiFI signal.This range extender can be used as a router and an access point. Use this device and enjoy uninterrupted internet access .

Wicommfi — How to Determine The Best WiFi USB Adapter For...

How to choose a perfect WiFi USB Adapter? Read out the article, you will find the answer to your this question. Do not buy a new laptop for internet issues, just have a wireless adapter and enjoy uninterrupted internet. Adapters are easy to setup, save time and money.

Get A Lag-Free And Wire-Free Internet With USB Adapter

Are you facing the slow internet speed issues in your old computer? If yes then have a WiFi USB Adapter and connect it to the USB port of your computer. This will provide you an enhanced internet connection as well as there is no need of wires. Enjoy buffer-free internet.

WicommFi Products Connects More Covers More

Gone those days when you used to worry about weak WiFi signals and the issue of dead spots at your place. Now WicommFi products have made life much easier than ever before. WicommFi wireless extender helps in eradicate dead spots and WicommFi WiFi USB adapter boosts WiFi signals, which ensures stable and all day long WiFi connectivity.

Learn How to Configure Your WicommFi Wireless Range Extender as an Access Point

If your router users and face issue while connecting your other device to the internet at few areas of your place, you are facing the issue of dead spots. This is a common issue which can resolve easily with WicommFi Wireless Range Extender which can use as an access point also. It can transfer data from one place to another at higher speed. To know more about configuration for WicommFi extender as an access point, visit our website today.

Best Wireless Range Extender for Any Home Network

Now, enhancing network coverage is quite easy with Wireless range extender from WicommFi. It is one of the best wifi range extender we have nowadays. WicommFi extender works with both the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi bands and able to provide wifi speed of 750 Mbps approx. Want to know more about this amazing device? Take a look at

Best WiFi USB Adapter for Super-Fast Connectivity

Are you looking for a solution to get advance wireless connectivity for your PC or Laptop? If yes, then get a wicommfi wireless USB adapter. This device is lass with MU-MIMO and 3.0 USB port support. Its dual-antenna provides the frequency of 2.4 to 5.8 GHz for fast data transmission. Get the transmission speed of 1200 Mbps and enjoy live streaming or online gaming. Stay connected with the WicommFi wireless USB adapter.