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Affordable Dedicated Hosting

Best Affordable Dedicated Hosting From Installation to Firewall Configuration & On Demand Backup. We Do It Better!


Affordable VPS Hosting

Affordable VPS Hosting

High performance VPS servers in India, our virtual private servers are fully managed with 24/7 support and FREE migration.


Should You Consider Windows Dedicated Hosting?

Should You Consider Windows Dedicated Hosting?

When searching for web hosting that usually run through a multitude of hosts using a Linux platform, as well as a host using a Windows platform. There are even some hosts that offer both options to their customers easily.
Because many people use Windows as the operating system at home, then this is the best solution. Many users specifically choose a Windows platform for web hosting. However, the truth is that most people will be able to use a Linux platform without any problems. Sometimes the choice of Windows hosting is a personal preference and sometimes a necessity.

Linux vs. Windows Dedicated Hosting: The Great Debate

The fact is, it is often more important to concentrate the efforts in finding a host that is more reliable, and which best suit your needs, regardless of platform. There are, however, several discussion points that are used to compare Windows vs Linux in order to determine which platform is better.
They include:

Price: Historically, Windows servers are more expensive. In most web hosts, this is still the case. However, the price is falling due to the competitive nature of the industry and find a bunch of machines that now offer Windows hosting at the same price or price difference is negligible. Price therefore becomes less of a problem than expected with both getting quite comparable systems. If your budget is very tight, however, you can usually find Linux cheapest.

Features: Linux and Windows both have a variety of features available to help you achieve your goals. Both platforms run scripts, create pages, blogs, forums and much more installed with very little difference. If you need a wide range of features, it is likely to get all you need no matter what platform you choose.

Performance: Performance is something that is often debated. Linux consistently performs slightly better than Windows, but there is a problem with that. First, most customers probably do not realize the difference. The reason there is a difference in performance is due to the way each platform is provided. Linux provides a platform that is extensible and Windows is all-in-one. Therefore, with Windows you are getting everything at once can cause some slowdown in performance. Most of this difference is negligible and never be noticed, however, if this is a major concern, you may want to choose Linux.

Safety: Safety is another issue often debated between Windows and Linux. Due to safety concerns about operating systems at home and the popularity of it as an operating system doesn’t mean that Linux is more secure. There are also tips on the Linux system. Both have the potential vulnerabilities. If a web hosting service has qualified IT managers and strict monitoring software, security issues may not be a problem.

Windows Specific Features
In considering the differences between Windows and Linux, there are actually very few differences. Even when differences occur, there is great debate as to which comes in a pro. The main deciding factor, however, whether or not you should use Windows comes down to whether or not to use specific Windows applications. These may include:

ASP: This is a basic web designer: the framework can be used to create pages.

FrontPage: This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page creator that lets you create pages and forms in place and then easily upload your site.

.NET: This is a software framework that provides a variety of solutions such as security, connectivity, application development and more.

Windows Streaming Media: This is a means to serve audio and video to the public and is often used for sites in a band or movie trailers.

Access: This is a database system like MySQL that is often used as the backbone for various applications.

MsSQL: This is a relational database often used with Cold Fusion or ASP
Therefore, if you use Windows applications property as a function of your site, you may want to consider Windows hosting. But if not, the platform you choose, probably does not matter. Instead should focus on reputation, features and price for the package you are considering.


Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Setup your Reseller Web Hosting business with India's No.1 Reseller Hosting Company. Start your own business with our reseller hosting and make money. Become a reseller host today with no setup fees no contracts and free 24/7 support.


Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting Providers

Get fast and secure managed cloud server hosting with auto scaling and high availability. Our cloud server hosting allows you to host your favorite application with just one click.


SSL Certificate for Website

SSL Certificate for Website

Our SSL encryption enables you to keep your website safe and secured ensuring all data passed between the browser and web servers remains private.


A few Reasons Why VPS gets a Thumbs-up!

A few Reasons Why VPS gets a Thumbs-up!

Virtual Private Servers enhance the productivity and are well justified and proven solutions. Scroll down to know the VPS benefits you can fetch for your enterprise.

Technology plays a vital role if wanting the performance curve of your business to move in the upward direction. The online business or application in today’s IOT world needs the right choice of technology. In case you are looking out for a Virtual Private Server technology, search and evaluate the ones that fit your requirements. VPS service providers come with a variety of plans and packages to offer you. All seem different with jargons and types of services included as bonus, in the race to prove themselves best and lure the customers. How can the services differ if the solutions they provide is the same? It, thus, becomes vital to study virtual private server hosting plans along with the key technical elements associated with them. This is best, if done, in very detail.

VPS is Money Saver

The architecture of VPS is such that VMs are provisioned on a single server. This reduces the implementation costs for virtual private server vendors as well. Due to this multi-tenancy, the Virtual Private Server hosting is cheaper as compared to dedicated servers. From the client side, the cost of installation is reduced. The clients derive outstanding benefits of dedicated server without paying a fortune.
Gathering the above information, we can say that Virtual private server hosting solution is highly affordable.

VPS is Scalable and Reliable

For instances where you notice spike in traffic, virtualization is the best option. Your hosting providers can add resources to meet your computing needs. Similarly, in event of normal traffic, the additional resources are taken off, saving your costs considerably. Faster page loads can certainly elevate business and also its good for the SEO purpose.
You can, therefore, rely on the virtual private server solutions.

DR is best on VPS

When you consider DR for your site, virtual private server is much better compared to dedicated server. The reboot time of VPS is quicker and can be restarted in different modes. VPS cloud resources have built-in self-healing features which provides automatic failover in event of a fault or failure. The VPS Cloud management software reallocates your hosted web site or applications to another hypervisor and reconfigures it within minutes or even seconds.
Effective and instant Disaster recovery is a positive feature of managed VPS solution.

Secure and Easy Management

In Virtual Private Server hosting, you are the boss of your server since you get the root access of your server. In addition to this, the customers are granted use of web based control panel for greater controls. Cloud VPS host can opt for higher level of security to protect sensitive and mission critical data by customizing security configurations.


Choosing the good VPS provider gives you a cost effective advantage. A well evaluated VPS service is the need for efficient functioning of enterprise IT operations. Virtual Private Server is the best bet if you want security and scalability.


Grab the best year ending deal with the best web hosting service

Grab the best year ending deal with the best web hosting service

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service which allows organizations and individuals to make their websites and web pages accessible on the Internet. Most hosting providers need you to have a domain name or help you purchase one to host your website. However, the main concern lies in selecting the best web hosting service which offers good technical support and less downtime.

Web Hosting services provided by offers cPanel Hosting, an online Linux-based hosting control panel apart from Windows Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting. cPanel provides a graphical interface and automation tools which are designed to ease the process of hosting a website. Linux and Windows Shared Hosting is basically web hosting where pages of multiple websites are served, each having their own domain name with easily manageable control panel. WordPress platforms are reliable with advanced security, delivering super-fast response time assisted by exuberant support from our WordPress experts. Select from a wide range of domains which best suit your need.

cPanel Hosting on fully managed Linux shared hosting

Our Shared Hosting plans come with a complete email solution where it is possible to create multiple email accounts with POP3 and IMAP support along with a fully integrated webmail interface. Easily manage your email accounts, FTP accounts, web stats and many more features with our easy to use control panel. Softwares like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal and many more can be downloaded with just a click. Get daily backups with 7-days retention period and complete data protection to prevent data loss. Also select the domain of your choice from a variety of domains along free DNS management.

Additionally, get Flat 40% discount on managed Linux Shared Hosting with easy to use control panel backed by exuberant technical support 24/7*365 by using coupon code ‘SHARED40’

Windows Shared Hosting

We offer you MySQL and PHP enabling to run open source platforms like Magento and WordPress. Install all your preferred web applications easily with the power of latest technologies of Microsoft like IIS 8, MS SQL, ASP.NET 4.x, MVC Framework, Ajax, ADO.NET, ODBC and much more. Run all your preferred web applications at the click of a mouse as we provide more than 100 applications which are easily accessible with plesk control panel to manage web hosting. Host multiple domains with our advanced plans and multiple options available for Top Level Domains (TLD).

Get Flat 40% on fully managed windows shared hosting plans by using coupon code ‘SHARED40’

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress platforms are secure and reliable as they are built on enterprise class SSDs and optimized software base which delivers super-fast response time. Quickly set up your WordPress account from a range of pre-installed themes so you can start customizing without paying anything. Pre-installed plugins will help you start building your website instantly while we automatically update your account and plugins with our state of the art technology which is secure and prevents intruding activities. Customize hourly, daily or monthly backups as per your need as we provide end-to-end encryption backups. You have the freedom to take your own backups using control panel which is easy to use and is manageable from any device, at anytime and anywhere due to our responsive web-based interface. With one click installation manage your website plugin and theme, security, backups and performance optimizations.

Get Flat 40% off on fully managed WordPress hosting with pre-installed plugins and exuberant support 24/7*365 from our WordPress experts by using coupon code ‘WP40’


The best part of hosting with on the World Wide Web is flexibility. It is a one-stop-shop for customised and great packages for all your business needs. Another USP is its user-friendly control panel to manage your hosting and one-click installations of popular applications. Our experts provide great support with fully redundant daily backups which ensures that your data is in safe hands.


Domain Registration Services

Domain Registration Services provides search tool to register your preferred domain name as per your business with no hidden charges.


Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Accelerate your business with dedicated server from Get fully managed dedicated servers at affordable prices and FREE tech support. Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions to Meet Your Every Need. Download Our Buyer's Guide! 24/7/365 Sales & Support · Dedicated Servers · Fully Managed Hosting · WP Hosting


Web Hosting Service Provider

Web Hosting Service Provider

Fully managed Web Hosting Services Provider with 24/7 premium tech support. Trusted web hosting provider empowering millions of websites since 2005. Best Affordable Dedicated Hosting From Installation to Firewall Configuration & On Demand Backup. We Do It Better!


Linux Reseller Hosting

Linux Reseller Hosting

With the help of Linux Reseller Hosting in India Expand Your Business With The World's #1 Registrar. Domains, Hosting and More.


Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

The Host provides powerful Linux dedicated server hosting to host your larger websites and apps. Manage your dedicated server Hosting with unlimited storage expansion and dedicated hardware for rock-solid performance.


Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Drive business agility with cost-effective, scalable & efficient cloud hosting solution. Improvise IT efficiency & boost. Cloud hosting service providers deliver its services to clients on a services model rather than a traditional product model.

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