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Updated by wowsome app on Nov 23, 2017
Headline for 5 Ways WOWSOME Transforms Print Media Advertising
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5 Ways WOWSOME Transforms Print Media Advertising

High ROI from Print Ads - WOWSOME Interactive Print


Breaks the Monotony

Gone are the days when advertising was just about selling products to the consumers. Today it’s all about what stories you have to tell and how can you engage them into it. With the world becoming more connected day by day, WOWSOME helps the online and offline space merge together and form augmented reality. This creates endless possibilities for brands to tap into while marketing their products, by unlocking the interaction possibilities of traditional methods like print media advertising.


Intelligent Interface

You may have great content and a clear target audience to market at but if it’s actually reaching them is what will be the deciding factor of that campaign’s success. WOWSOME makes sure that intelligence is on your side too. Its augmented reality interface drives the content to the users based on their preferences and past activities, making it easier to advertise your business. With trending, sponsored and suggested content floating all over the interface, it’s made sure that your print media advertising campaigns generate ample interactions.
The way AR is used is constantly evolving. In the current version, you need to use your phone or tablet’s camera to detect the real world and overlay 2D/3D objects on it. Advanced AR tools which render the user interface, games as well as digital objects onto the real world, can help you with real time mapping and be a great tool for marketing.


Sets Things in Motion

Sets Things in Motion

There are ample speculations about the fact that the print medium is dying. Whereas what’s really happening is that its static content is no more appealing. The digital boom has heightened our visual quotient exceedingly. WOWSOME taps into the possibility of setting things into motion in print by integrating it with digital content. Its Interactive Print function allows print content to come alive with Video, 3D, Animations, Call-to-Action, Deals and much more.
Using a brand new AR SDK and advanced technologies like Depth Sensing cameras, WOWSOME is making huge developments in augmented reality. It empowers businesses to add CTAs to the interactive ad which connects consumers to brands by enabling actions like website visit, make a purchase, social media sharing and much more.


Lets Brands Go Futuristic

What if the brand could include itself in the real world environment of its consumers? That sounds futuristic, right? WOWSOME allows consumers to interact with brand elements like brand logo, mascot, products, etc. which in turn provides brands a significant potential to go viral on the digital space, creating a massive buzz about their products. Integrating into the lives of their customers is what advertisers have always been waiting for to capitalize upon. Now with these advanced features, brands using traditional marketing can see this become a reality.


It Knows Exactly What’s Happening

A campaign is worth nothing, if there isn’t proper evaluation of its effectiveness. WOWSOME not only provides the innovative technology to utilize the augmented reality possibilities, but also allows an access to the backend analytics of what’s really happening with the campaigns you create to advertise your business. Once this current status is chalked out supported by valuable data, it can then be further enhanced or controlled by brands to their benefit. Data doesn’t lie, eh?
With AR revenue projected to reach $90 billion by 2020, it’s apparent that smart marketers need to adopt this new technology for creating innovative campaigns. By the end of 2017, the number of smartphone users in India is estimated to reach 299.24 million, with the number of smartphone users worldwide forecasted to be more than 2.3 billion users. From a brand’s perspective, this is the best time for utilizing these technologies to unleash the power of remarketing, keep in touch with your customers and understand their requirements better.