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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 10 Things to Remember for Event Planning – A Checklist for a Successful Function

Planning an event is plenty of fun; however one must keep in mind that there are quite a lot of details involved in making an event turn out just perfectly. Here are some important tips.


The main purpose of your event

Before planning any event, whether it is for your own or anyone else, the first thing you will need to keep in mind is the purpose of the event. The purpose shapes all the details of the event. Even the amount of planning is dependent on this. A wedding, for instance, will require far more planning than a quick meeting.



Always consider the preference of the person hosting the event. If you are a planner, be keen on understanding your client's requirements rather than trying to convince them of your personal preferences. A successful event is an event hosted according to the preference of the host.


The venue

When planning an event it is important that you choose the venue well in advance. Popular locations are usually pre-booked months before the actual event. If you want to increase the odds of hosting the event in the preferred location, it is best to book ahead. In Colombo for instance, functions are commonly held in city hotels such as The Kingsbury Colombo. All such hotel venues require pre-booking well in advance since reception halls in Colombo are in high demand.


Getting the invitations sorted

You will need to inform guests about the event. Sending out invitations is a major part of planning the event. For one, you will need to make sure that the invitations look appropriate and you also have to ensure that each invitee has actually received the invitation.


Basic logistics

There are plenty of logistics that need to be looked into when planning an event. It may seem like small things at first but keep in mind that it can escalate to a big problem if it is not dealt with in time. Common logistical issues that need to be sorted includes parking, traffic at the time of the event and of course food. The quantity of food alone requires quite a bit of thought!


Keeping the guests engaged

You will need to make sure that the invitees are well engaged throughout the event. If it is a business event the agenda alone will mostly have this taken care of. A wedding, however, calls for a different type of hosting. In either case, it is best to get a good speaker involved.


The goodies and the giveaways

Make sure that whatever you giveaway during the event is in tune with the overall theme and purpose. Try and personalize giveaways like gift bags for it makes even the smallest gift feel a little more special.


Staff for the event

Staff for the event depends on the number of guests; the more the people, the bigger the staff. Ensure you have professional staff including caterers and waiters and waitresses.


Documenting the event

A special event has to be documented. Make sure there is a professional photographer or videographer capturing all those precious and important moments.


Reviewing performance

Finally, you will need to review the performance. If you plan on hosting any other event make sure you learn from your experiences gained from past events.