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Updated by Kshitij Gokhale on Nov 22, 2017
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Getting loans now a days has become so simple!

To realize the various benefits of a car, one needs to have one first. That’s right, an auto-rickshaw is just fine, a bus ride isn’t that inconvenient, and booking an Uber or OLA just takes a few minutes; until, you experience the convenience of having your personal vehicle.
“But I don’t have that many funds to be able to afford a car,” that’s how people convince themselves when they want to shy away from a smart investment. With car loans, everyone can afford a car! Any why not, when owning a car has so many benefits:

Five Simple Points To Help You Take A Car Loan.

Owning a vehicle these days has become affordable. With a number of auto loans from banks and auto finance dealers available, anybody can become a car owner.

Six Useful Tips To Get The Best Car Loan Deal. – The Finance Marketers Blog

A car purchase is an important milestone for Indian families. And what better way to reach this milestone than in the auspicious festive season which will begin within a month or two. Most families take a loan to buy a car. If you are one of those families, we tell you the tricks to get…

5 Amazing Benefits A Personal Loan Offers – Kshitij Gokhale – Medium

If you are ever in the need of urgent cash to meet an unforeseen expenditure, a personal loan is what you should seek. Most banks offer them, it is easy to apply for one and approval levels are high…

How To Avoid A Home Loan Application Rejection? – The Finance Marketers Blog

To have a home with your name on it. That is one of life’s major milestones ticked off. Many apply for a home loan trying to achieve this milestone. After all, when a lender finances a major portion of the cost, buying a home become easier. But, there are occasions when we see a loan…

The Finance Marketer — 4 Different Types of Bank Accounts in India.

A bank account is an account held by
investors at a financial institution. In short, it’s a safe and secure place to
keep all your money. Thus, it is important to select the correct account that
suits your financial needs. So, if you visit a bank in order to open a bank
account, you will have different types of bank accounts and features to choose
from. Therefore, it is beneficial to first understand the difference between
the bank account types. Although, banks offer different types of bank accounts, they can be broadly divided into four

Here’s everything you need to know before applying for a car loan.

A luxury that one wants to have after a beautiful house is a branded car. Owning a car makes your life comfortable. You can either use it for a convenient weekend getaway or you can drive off to work…

5 Common Modes of Payment that will make your life easy!

Every service that we use comes with a price for which we need to make bill payments. How easy would life be if we didn’t have to pay any bills? While there is no substitute for paying bills, service…

The Finance Marketer — Features and benefits of using car loan EMI...

In Indian middle-class families, owning a car is
considered as the second most sought-after purchase after a house. With the
significant increase in demand of four wheelers, the rise in demand of car
loans has also increased. The option of getting a car loan is like a relief for people who don’t have enough monetary
resources or those who don’t want to invest in a large amount at once. In such
case, car loan EMI calculator helps
you in deciding the suitable car loan amount that fits your need and for
managing your monthly finances accordingly. EMI calculator is a hassle-free
tool that helps you in planning your EMIs in advance. This is very simple to
use as you just need to enter the details like principle amount, interest rate,
and loan tenure.