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06 Hidden Thai Islands – Gems to be Kept as Secrets

Sail around Thailand and you will discover little islands that seem to have eluded the mass crowds of tourists. Tranquil little gems to explore, these islands deserve to be kept a secret.


Ko Jum

This island is located close to the popular resorts of Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi, hence, this island also called Ko Pu, is home to the same soft sand beaches of the famous resorts – minus the throngs of tourists. A great place to kick back and relax, the island is home to some traditional type bungalows. Enjoy loads of swimming and chilling on the tranquil beach, while the lush surroundings are similar to royal gardens. Take along a picnic lunch, find a spot under a coconut grove and spend a day of utter bliss on quiet Ko Jum.


Ko Ha

'Ha' in local dialect means 'five'; Ko Ha refers to the five limestone columns that make up the islands. The place is only accessible via a dive boat and well worth the effort. The area is home to a collection of cliffs, caves and coral beds waiting to be explored underwater. Hence, Ko Ha is one of the best unspoilt regions for snorkelling and diving fans to explore. Twice a day, a lovely stretch of sandy beach is revealed when low-tide sets in; this beach is located on the eastern edge of the peninsula that runs along the second biggest island. If you do make it during the off-season, the island will virtually be all yours.


Koh Talu

Referred to as the 'Island with the Hole', Koh Talu offers a fascinating excursion full of new discoveries and captivating underwater adventures. Those staying at Hua Hin resorts such as the well placed Anantara Hua Hin Resort can plan a day excursion to this island which can be reached via speedboat. Snorkelers will have plenty to see beneath the waves, while those with diving licences can also look forward to thrilling marine encounters.


Ko Hin Ya

Belonging to the group of Laem Son islands on the Andaman Sea, Ko Hin Ya is part of the Laem Son National Park and is only accessible via boat; which must be hired privately. Getting there is quite a reward for the island is home to a sun-bleached white sand beach on the eastern edge, a glistening lagoon to the west, and a beautiful hilly rain forest to the north. There is also, a small ranger station on the island. Apart from the local owners of the long-tail fishing boats anchored in a protected corner of the island, you will probably be the only tourist on this gorgeous island.


Ko Phayam

This is Koh Samui before the hordes of tourists took over the beautiful resort. Long Beach, on the island, is the most popular, as, it is, home to a few resorts and restaurants, but if you want more tranquil and private settings head over to Buffalo Bay, there are fewer eateries there, but the ambience is tranquil and relaxed. Make sure to head over to the Hippy Bar, camera in tow, for some of Thailand's most magnificent sunsets. There is a small gipsy settlement too on the island, which you are welcome to visit.


Ko Chang

One of Thailand's northernmost islands, Ko Chang in Thai, translates to Elephant Island. The place attracts a simple crowd; people hankering for lazy walks on the beach, siestas in a hammock and dinner under the stars.