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McCreery's Home Furnishings

McCreery's Home Furnishings has been providing Sacramento and the greater surrounding areas with the finest quality home furnishings since 1955. Furniture lines are timeless in style and heirloom in quality. Featured brands include Drexel Heritage, FFDM, Stanley, Better Homes and Gardens, Flexsteel, Hooker Furniture, Century, Henredon, Lexington, and more.


The ABCs of Hallway Interior Design (Link Roundup)

Your hallway is probably the very first place that guests will pass through when they visit your place, right? Since this is so, isn’t it just right that you should also design the area in such a way that your guests will feel the warmth of your home just by passing through here? There are certain aspects that are vital at your home’s entrance such as the coat stand, a mirror, perhaps a shoe rack or a sunglass holder. You need to organize these things so that the entrance becomes a memorable sight for everyone.

Interior Design No-nos (Important Link Roundup)

Every year, there are more homeowners who want to take on interior designing when it comes to their homes. While they want to create a home that is appealing and comfortable, more often than not, they fall short of that objective. Though you already know what you like and don’t like, it is much more advisable that you allow an expert to take care of your interiors.

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Living Room

To many, the living room seems like the easiest area of the home to decorate. But instead of considering all the layered design elements that should be carefully vetted, it’s easy to get off course and find that you’ve ended up with a haphazard mess. Here are a few items you should thoroughly examine when deciding on your living room’s interior design so that you can avoid any missteps or design blunders.

4 Exciting Home Bar Design Tips (#Link Roundup)

Home bars are not common but once considered, they can enhance the beauty of your habitat. These days, there are so many interior design ideas out there so it is not difficult to find something that you find suitable.

The Beauty of Wrought Iron Chandeliers (Link Roundup)

When your eyes rest upon wrought iron chandeliers, what thoughts run through your mind? These pieces are elegant, classy and they inevitably lend a touch of tradition and old-world charm. Whether you use this type of chandelier in your dining or living area, they are sure to bring a spectacular view to their beholders. Wrought iron chandeliers also bring about a royal feel to any room and while many lighting fixtures may come and go, wrought iron is there to stay.

White Interior Design: Why It Shouldn't Be Boring

White is a basic color that is often used in interior design. There is so much to love about it. It is not just the absence of color; white inevitably evokes images of elegance and spaciousness. It is also symbolic of goodness, purity and spirituality.

Staircase Designs for Your Home (Link Roundup)

If you think that staircases are there to just get you from one floor to the next, then you are wrong. These days, a staircase can be used to enhanced the interior design aspect of a particular space. It is now a design piece especially when your home has custom newel posts.

Using Feng Shui to Help You and Your Home (Link Roundup)

Whether you believe in this ancient pseudoscience or not, there are certainly some psychological benefits to introducing elements of feng shui in the home. It’s just a matter of small and simple interior solutions that will relieve stress and turn your house into the relaxing haven it should be.

Primary Reasons for Choosing Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone is actually man-made stone comprising of 90% Quartz stone bound by resin. Among all the natural material, Quartz is the toughest, hardest and abundantly found mineral on the earth surface. Engineered stone benchtop is much different from natural stone benchtop. While the natural stone benchtop is cut from marble or pure granite, engineered stone benchtop is constituted of quartz crystals that are bound together with resin binder. The appearance of natural stone countertop is the same as that of engineered stone countertop. The benefits you get by considering engineered stone benchtop cannot be attained by the natural stone countertop.

Budget Interior Design DIY (Link Roundup 2019)

People, especially women, spend quite a number of hours each month inside beauty salons. Because of this, it is vital that a functional yet comfortable space be provided for these customers when it is their time to relax and make themselves look beautiful.

Amazing Interior Design Ideas for Your Beauty Salon (Link Roundup)

People, especially women, spend quite a number of hours each month inside beauty salons. Because of this, it is vital that a functional yet comfortable space be provided for these customers when it is their time to relax and make themselves look beautiful.

Interior Colors for Commercial Spaces (Link Roundup)

There are many fundamental elements and principles in interior design. Each of these serves as a guideline in influencing the way an entire home or a room looks like. When it comes to commercial interiors, using these elements can get a little more complex. Just think about how you can use the said elements to – lighting, form, texture, lines and color in order to enforce your company’s brand; and you pretty much get an idea on how difficult it can be to build a usable interior.

Carpet Tiles - Why It's Time To Join The Bandwagon

A lot of savvy homeowners these days choose carpet tiles because they have grown to realize the downside of traditional carpets. Sometimes called carpet squares, these carpets have long been used in many commercial settings. Today, they are slowly becoming a popular choice in many residential setups.

Asian Interior Design in a Western Home (Link Roundup)

This kind of design varies greatly from one country to the next. In China, they are big on painted vases to tropical thatches. In Thailand, carvings and ink paintings are the things that are widely used. Japanese interiors are Zen-inspired but all of these center on creating a peaceful and a relaxing home or office space.

The Best-priced Sacramento Furniture - How Can You Find It?

These days, food and gas prices continue to skyrocket; what with the economy stalling. This is why it can get hard to keep up in paying expenses and monthly bills. So what can you do if you want to furnish a room in your Sacramento home? Which Sacramento furniture shops can provide you with affordable yet quality pieces?

5 Interior Design Tips for the Ultimate Bachelor's Pad (Link Roundup)

In starting the interior design process, it is important to figure out what is really important to you as a bachelor. Choose which pictures you will want to hang on your walls, what activities will be done in your crib and what colors to splash throughout the rooms.

Furniture Stores Sacramento CA: Where to Find the Best Sofa Varieties

There is nothing more comforting to do in your living room than to recline in your sofa as you watch your favorite TV program. The sofa,after all, is one of the most important furniture pieces in your entire home.Every home in California or in any part of the world has a sofa in its living room. Even commercial areas now offer a comfortable sofa where visitors could lounge. So which furniture stores Sacramento CA can provide you with the best pieces?

There is a lot of talk going around that furniture financing can ruin one’s credit rating – none can be more untrue than this. To begin with, it can get difficult to search for loan programs when you are merely redesigning your home; and it becomes doubly so when your credit standing is not on the positive side. The great news is, there are now Sacramento furniture store financing options that are being offered. 

Kids' Playroom Designs - The Ultimate Parent Challenge

Your child’s playroom is a place where imagination and creativity are nurtured. This is a place where colored pens, papers, easels, puzzles and other art materials and toys are commonly found. Since this is the case, it becomes important to care fully plan the layout and storage units inside the room. Parents should learn more about kids’ playroom designs so that they can provide a playtime haven for their children.

Preparing For Home Renovation - Six Quick and Easy Tips To Follow

An effective way to increase the comfort and market value of your home is to renovate. You could focus on your kitchen, bathroom and the basement since these are the primary rooms that can up the value of any property. Before you set out on your DIY project, know the correct way of preparing for home renovation.

Reasons to Go Minimalist (Interior Design Link Roundup)

Minimalism is a way of taking a sabbatical – a more permanent one – from the chaotic world. This is having a lifestyle that is opposite the advertisements that you see on social media. People now live in a society where people tend to accumulate stuff. They earn material possessions and, in turn, these become distractions, clutter or even the cause of their debts.

Metal Furniture - No Longer Just Utilitarian (Link Roundup)

Back in the day, metal furniture pieces were considered utilitarian. But these units have gained popularity over the years because of their durability and the cleanability. Wood furniture will always be popular, of course, but there are also great reasons why metal furniture can be a feasible option for your home -

Scents that Help You Work (Link Roundup)

Almost everyone has had the experience of inhaling a potent aroma that reminds them of a fond memory of their past–and instantly getting an energy boost or a shift in their mood. This powerful phenomenon is exactly what essential oil and aromatherapy industries have been capitalizing on for years now. In fact, exciting new research is demonstrating that essential oils can have incredible and wide-ranging benefits for individuals.

6 Important Fundamental Elements of Interior Design (Link Roundup)

The elements of interior design are important considerations for any home styling project. These elements serve as guiding principles when planning the interiors of any home. Any decision made thereafter should be based upon these principles.

Interior Design 101: The Relationship of Color Combination and Moods

An interior designer‘s world is a world that is filled with colors. He knows that with colors, he can achieve a desired effect or mood. Using the traditional color theory and rules, the can come up with kitchens and living rooms that are oozing with energy or he can come up with a bedroom that can soothe the senses.