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McCreery's Home Furnishings

McCreery's Home Furnishings has been providing Sacramento and the greater surrounding areas with the finest quality home furnishings since 1955. Furniture lines are timeless in style and heirloom in quality. Featured brands include Drexel Heritage, FFDM, Stanley, Better Homes and Gardens, Flexsteel, Hooker Furniture, Century, Henredon, Lexington, and more.


What are you in for when you sign up for an interior design career? Interior design is a fusion of architecture, art, and engineering. But this is not a career that is centered on mere furniture or fabric choice. An interior designer needs to be able to read blueprints, comprehend electric codes and be able to speak with confidence to contractors.

Learn How to Optimize Your Bedroom Floor Space Easily - Acquisitions Furniture

The cost of homes continue to rise each year so there is no question as to how important floor space is. People want to get more out of their investments as their families continue to grow, hence, you need to learn how to utilize floor space in your home.

Interior Design Contract - What To Look For On That Piece Of Paper - Acquisitions Furniture

Not a lot of people actually give importance to interior design yet this is a valuable aspect that can improve that value of your property. Interior design helps you get the look that you exactly want and ensure that you will live in a house that you take pride in. So, since interior design is that important, it is but natural that you review the contents of the interior design contract prior to signing.

Green Interior Design - Do You Know The Basics? - Acquisitions Furniture

Have you heard of the green interior design? Also known as the eco-friendly design, this highlights the positive aspects of reducing environmental impact on furniture purchases as well as the improvement of interior air quality.

Basement Home Theatre Designs (From Preparing To Laying Out) - Acquisitions Furniture

Have you noticed how more and more homes are now enjoying basement home theatres? These are becoming increasingly common because they can offer a great amount of entertainment for the whole family. If you end up selling your home in a few years, then this part of your home will also add to its resale value. If you are one of the few lucky people to have such as room in your home, then it’s time to consider a few basement home theatre designs.

Faux Wood Paneling: A Modern House No-No - Country Living Design

One of the leading questions that homeowners ask with regard to their homes is if they have to take off the faux wood paneling and replace it with something more modern. In today’s market, using faux wood paneling in a modern home is not a redeeming characteristic. If the wood paneling in your home is one of those 4×8 sheets then you have to take them down. Do not rush and have the wood paneling removed, though, if you are living in an old home. Many of the older homes actually have high quality wood veneer paneling. This is not faux and should be left alone. This is not the faux wood paneling that you are supposed to take down.

Townhouse Design - Room Trends To Make You Stand Out - Country Living Design

There is something chic about a townhouse; it is a special habitat consisting of two to three storeys with shared walls. In the biggest cities, these homes are priced heftily since they are much-coveted. The typical townhouse is roomier than most apartments so you can concoct a lot of design possibilities. Townhouse design can either be modern or traditional. It can also be Asian-inspired or Mexican-themed, it’s really up to you.

Bathroom Wallpapering: A DIY Project For All Ages - Country Living Design

Bathroom wallpapering is a highly recommended DIY project for many homeowners. It is so simple that even kids can join in and help. You may think that the bathroom is the dampest room in your home and that wallpapers have no place in there but, with care, you can use beautiful, patterned wallpapers.

Chinese Interior Design: A Tranquil Look For A Fast-Paced Lifestyle - Country Living Design

Today’s world is a fast-paced one. This is why many homeowners want to build their homes around the concept of serenity and tranquility. Chinese interior design is one such interior. It can help create a peaceful habitat allowing an escape from the seemingly, never-ending rush.

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Wicker Indoor Furniture - Why It's Perfect For Your Sunroom

Aren’t sunroom’s just lovely? These bright, cheerful rooms have become one of the most popular additions in the past, few years since they are a great area for people to relax, entertain guests, and even enjoy the sights of the gardens just outside their homes. But what design elements would you incorporate in your own sunroom? What kind of furniture and accessories will you bring in? If you feel lost, then you could begin by considering wicker indoor furniture.

The Happy Interior Design Client And 4 Disaster Preventive Measures For Designers

Who is the happy interior design client? You have probably heard of the ones that were not ecstatic about the designer that they worked with during a major renovation in their home. The whole business of interior design is an industry that can be full of traps and client-designer relationship disasters. Many of the bad situations that unhappy clients have experienced were spurred by the lack of communication, schedule conflict, even a tight budget.

Indoor Water Features - Creating Wellness and Excitement In Your Home

Apart from the indoor water features‘ natural beauty, there are many hidden benefits that you might not have realized yet. The placement of indoor fountains, for instance, can add a soothing, comfortable and natural atmosphere to your habitat. This feeling can easily spread throughout your home.

On Renovations and Starting A new

Renovations can be tedious yet these are processes that homes and businesses need to undergo at times so that change can set in and improvement will take place. The first step of every renovation – just like any major decision in life – is preparation. But you have to know what to prepare, right? Also, you need to know what to expect so that you won’t be caught off-guard should these things happen.

Fireplace - The Ultimate Focal Point

*With the holidays fast approaching, you would want to make certain that the fireplace has been cleaned and attractively-adorned for your visitors. Transforming your fireplace into a focal point can be a simple project. Begin by making sure that it is still in good condition. If there are some damages (visible or not), try to have it fixed or retouched. The fireplace has to be the biggest, noticeable thing inside the room; remove large furniture or artworks so that the attention stays on the fireplace. *

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Which One Should You Choose For Your Home?

One of the cheapest makeover tips that you can use in your home is the use of decorative mirrors. Mirrors can enhance any room’s overall look. They can also be a great addition to any home that is about to be sold in the market. Making up your home can greatly increase its probability of being sold sooner.

Wicker Indoor Furniture - Why It's Perfect For Your Sunroom

Wicker Rattan Furniture is a kind of material that you can use indoors, right inside your beautiful sunroom. This material offers a natural and comfortable look which is difficult to find in many materials.

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The ABCs of Hallway Interior Design (Link Roundup)

Your hallway is probably the very first place that guests will pass through when they visit your place, right? Since this is so, isn’t it just right that you should also design the area in such a way that your guests will feel the warmth of your home just by passing through here? There are certain aspects that are vital at your home’s entrance such as the coat stand, a mirror, perhaps a shoe rack or a sunglass holder. You need to organize these things so that the entrance becomes a memorable sight for everyone.

Interior Design No-nos (Important Link Roundup)

Every year, there are more homeowners who want to take on interior designing when it comes to their homes. While they want to create a home that is appealing and comfortable, more often than not, they fall short of that objective. Though you already know what you like and don’t like, it is much more advisable that you allow an expert to take care of your interiors.

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Living Room

To many, the living room seems like the easiest area of the home to decorate. But instead of considering all the layered design elements that should be carefully vetted, it’s easy to get off course and find that you’ve ended up with a haphazard mess. Here are a few items you should thoroughly examine when deciding on your living room’s interior design so that you can avoid any missteps or design blunders.