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McCreery's Home Furnishings

McCreery's Home Furnishings has been providing Sacramento and the greater surrounding areas with the finest quality home furnishings since 1955. Furniture lines are timeless in style and heirloom in quality. Featured brands include Drexel Heritage, FFDM, Stanley, Better Homes and Gardens, Flexsteel, Hooker Furniture, Century, Henredon, Lexington, and more.


Drexel Heritage Summerbook

Drexel Heritage video preview of the Summer 2008 Circular

Beach Interior Design – Light, Airy And Fabulously Picturesque

Just like many beach vacation homes that are owned by people coming from the winter north, the desire is for the design to reflect the outdoor scenery and all the other elements that make up the warmer southern climates. The key to the selection of décor and finishes for beach interior design is to focus on light.

Make use of light tropical colors on all your walls. Have a lot of peaches, pale greens, coral pink, blues and light browns. These hues will bring in the breezy feeling of the beach and its pristine shorelines. Highlight the breeziness by hanging white, sheer, floor-length curtains on those beautiful windows.

Bamboo Flooring Advantages: 5 Reasons To Favor This Material | Interior Design Furniture

Bamboo flooring sales have skyrocketed in the past, few years. It is not difficult to see why as bamboo is beautiful, cheap, durable and it can also be made available in different colors (yes, not just green!). If you believe that you should help the environment by using natural materials for your home, then take…

One of the most sought after rooms in a home is the bathroom. This one room can either make or break a real estate property. Yet not all bathrooms are designed in such a way that can captivate.

So what are the hottest tips that interior designers have come up with when it comes to this area in a home?

Defining an Efficient Layout

Even the most beautiful bathrooms have to undergo plumbing works. This is exactly why bathroom floor plans are quite important as the designer needs to know where to set the water lines, plumbing drains and vent stacks.

The two-wall layout, for instance, offers more freedom as the toilet and sink can be situated on one wall and the shower and tub plumbed on the other. Three-wall layouts are most flexible but they can be the most complex and expensive task to embark into.

There are mainly two groups of colors – warm and cool ones. Colors that are known to stimulate or excite are typified under warm hues – reds, orange, and yellows lead this type.

Cool colors, on the other hand, comprise of blues, purples, greens and pastels. They are categorized as cool since they have a calming or relaxing effect in humans.

When you generally look at it, warm colors work best in places where interaction and activity are elicited. The kitchen or the living room are the perfect rooms that must use warm colors. Cool colors are certainly most appreciated in relaxation rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom.

This does not mean that you cannot fuse these colors in order to achieve a relaxing atmosphere, for instance. Some get away with using warm colors even in their bathrooms while other use cool colors in their busy living rooms.

It is no rocket science that an ideal home is tantamount to hours of careful planning in order to come up with the best design. You have the power to design your own home using only your own tools and devices, although, it is advisable to hire a professional interior designer to help you achieve that balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Designing any home requires experience, competence and knowledge. You need these to become familiar with the latest trends, designs and colors. These – all the more – give you the reason to hire an expert that will make your habitat comfortable and purposeful.

Ideal makeover solutions cost money, however, costs can be minimized if the right solutions or approaches are done from the onset. You also minimize the hassles that come with haphazard work due to inexperienced hands.

The 16 Best Interior Designers in Sacramento, California

The 16 Best Interior Designers in Sacramento](, California. Each and every business websites have been checked before to list here.

The Modern Classic Home: Veer Away from Fads with These 7 Guidelines

The Modern Classic Home: Veer Away from Fads with These 7 Guidelines. One of the things that people first notice in homes is its architectural marvels. As the homeowner, it is your duty to highlight or showcase the beauty of these features. - PR12679149

Harmony In Interior Design: Focus On Color Harmony

Harmony, by definition, is the fusion of different design elements, furnishings and architecture to a satisfying whole. There are two other sub-principles in harmony and these are – variety and unity. You would need both sub-principles when dealing with color harmony and many other aspects of interior design accord.

Have you just moved? Looking at the boxes that are now stacked in your new home’s rooms, doesn’t it just make you feel sluggish to even lift a finger? The good news is that you need minimal effort and the least amount of budget to start unpacking and designing your new habitat. Keep in mind that even the smallest things can have the greatest impact in your home.

Many people, these days, are confused when it comes to the career path that they should take. Of course, it is obvious that certain jobs require a set of skills. If you have an eye for fashion and architecture, then you could enjoy a career in interior design. Your job then is to give homes a unique appearance and you can only do this if you are properly trained. Begin by looking for a reputable interior design institution.


3140 Auburn Blvd

3140 Auburn Blvd

Since 1955 McCreery's Home Furnishings has been providing Sacramento and the greater surrounding areas with the finest quality home furnishings. We are proud to carry furniture lines which not only are timeless in style, but heirloom in their quality. We are proud to be your destination furniture store in Sacramento.

Your 2017 Dining Room - Here are the 5 Tips in Preparing This Room for the Holidays

Holidays. They make you think of happy moments with family and friends. This is also the moment when people gather and enjoy scrumptious meals lovingly prepared by moms. But what would you do if you are expecting hordes of guests during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons?

Have you noticed how, on the past decade, people have become more aware of environmental preservation? Suddenly, people seem to want to live a green lifestyle and to have sustainable interior design in their homes and offices. There are so many things that you can do to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint to make earth a much cleaner place to live in.

Space Management - What To Do With An Empty Nest (Link Roundup)

With proper space management, you can redesign your home and make it a suitable habitat for you and whoever is left among your family members.

The Picturesque Breakfast Nook – Wanna Have One?

In reality, many of the homes that have been built following the turn of the previous century have areas that can be designed to become a breakfast nook. The only difference between this nook and a morning room is the pompousness. But if you have comfortable chairs, great coffee and your family with you then you already own a morning room.

As a paying customer, you have every right to peruse the service providers and products that come your way. These days, it is not enough to just take a look at brand or company names, it is also vital to study the kind of service and the providers that offer these services.

Becoming a professional interior designer is much more than making a house look lovely. Most of the time, designer wannabes are told how to go up the career ladder by studying and building a portfolio. Also, you are told that you need to understand the safety codes and regulations. You also need to become a proficient user of graphic design software. Blueprint reading and effective communication are also skills that every designer must acquire.

The elements of interior design are important considerations for any home styling project. These elements serve as guiding principles when planning the interiors of any home. Any decision made thereafter should be based upon these principles.

The Winning Characteristics of First-rate Interior Designers

As a paying customer, you have every right to peruse the service providers and products that come your way. These days, it is not enough to just take a look at brand or company names, it is also vital to study the kind of service and the providers that offer these services.

Just like many homeowners, you must be wondering what else you can do to make your home unique and fresh. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the decorative elements that you’ve placed there. Or maybe the furniture pieces are no longer making you feel relaxed. No matter what your reasons there are actually common things that homeowners everywhere think should go.

When you come from the outside, it is so easy to just rush to the sofa, plop down, turn on the TV, and simply forget about your bags, shoes, and other stuff strewn all over the floor. You can stop this routine from ever taking place again by placing a few significant furniture on the right spots.

Do you have fond memories of sitting on your dad’s lap as he told you some bedtime stories? You probably have a recollection of his huge, mostly overstuffed recliner chair and the many movies that you watched as you curled up with him there.

Once you have decided to make good use of your home’s loft, it is certain that you will need the right kinds of furniture and a great deal of patience. Altering loft into a liveable space can take some work but with ample money, time – and yes, once again, lots of patience - you can reach your expectations. In the end this space will turn out great that you will spend more time here than in the living room.

Your child’s playroom is a place where imagination and creativity are nurtured. This is a place where colored pens, papers, easels, puzzles and other art materials and toys are commonly found. Since this is the case, it becomes important to carefully plan the layout and storage units inside the room. Parents should learn more about kids' playroom designs so that they can provide a playtime haven for their children.