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McCreery's Home Furnishings

McCreery's Home Furnishings has been providing Sacramento and the greater surrounding areas with the finest quality home furnishings since 1955. Furniture lines are timeless in style and heirloom in quality. Featured brands include Drexel Heritage, FFDM, Stanley, Better Homes and Gardens, Flexsteel, Hooker Furniture, Century, Henredon, Lexington, and more.


Interior Design 101: The Relationship of Color Combination and Moods

An interior designer‘s world is a world that is filled with colors. He knows that with colors, he can achieve a desired effect or mood. Using the traditional color theory and rules, the can come up with kitchens and living rooms that are oozing with energy or he can come up with a bedroom that can soothe the senses.

Lighting Techniques - Choose What's Appropriate (Link Roundup)

When you are out to make an effective video marketing campaign for your company, there are many things that you need to consider. First, there’s the need to find a good video production company. Professionals, simply put, could do it better than amateurs – it’s best not to take chances. Other things that you need to remember may be minute but their effects in terms of quality can never be discounted.

Bedroom Colors That Suit Your Taste (Link Roundup)

If you have chosen to take on a redesigning project, if you are not armed with ample knowledge, this task can get a bit intimidating. If you do, however, understand color combination so that you know which hues complement each other, then this can become a pleasurable chore for you. And when it comes to color combination, there is no place in your home where proper color fusion matters most than in a bedroom.

Teak Wood Patio Furniture: Creating Maximum Impact In Your Home

Wood patio furniture is every connoisseur’s preference. Sure, wood requires more maintenance but it can provide a certain kind of dignity which can never be rivaled by metal furniture pieces. Wood has always been a tasteful choice when it comes to home furniture. It comprises a wide range of choices - from antiques to various contemporary designs.

5 Ways to Infuse a Relaxing Vibe into Your Home

Ah, relaxation. Crashing into a pillowed couch with a brilliant book and your other hand wrapped around your favourite drink, knowing that all your house chores are complete and the afternoon (at least for an hour) belongs to you has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Important Principles in Placing Traditional Furniture Into Your Modern Home

It takes skill to combine traditional and contemporary furniture in your home. Making the infusion appear nonchalant can only be achieved by those who have a keen eye for beauty and detail. Everything – from the walls, ceiling, curtains down to the décor must complement the furniture that you put in. Nothing must appear forced into the setting.

Custom Furniture - 5 Knockout Tips to Consider (Link Roundup)

If you are setting up to redesign your home, one of the easiest ways to do it is to have custom furniture. Whether you will buy a bed, chair, cabinet or sofa; custom-made is the way to go when you want to be unique in your furniture choice.

Choosing the Best Mattress and Its Effects on Your Sleeping Habits

You may not realize it but buying a mattress is very important. Sure, you already have one on your bed but is it the right type? Does it induce hours of sleep or do you simply toss and turn all night long?

Plastic In Interior Design - Affordable Style For Your Home (Link Roundup)

Interior design is an important aspect that must not be ignored nor sacrificed. Its goal is not just to make a home look good but more of transforming it into a space that can effectively hold human activities while offering great aesthetics. You might think that the bills could start piling once the design elements are put into place. What you must realize is that improving your home’s interiors need not be pricey. You just need to consider a few materials that can look just as great minus the hefty amount. A good way to go is to have plastic in interior design.

Modern Flooring Types - Standard Or Distinctive? (Link Roundup)

When you are out to replace an existing flooring, what options have you recently considered? There will always standard choices to look at from the usual carpet to laminate flooring or combinations of different materials. When you want to find out modern flooring types, what kinds of products should you search about? What sort of alternatives should you invest in so that you can be set apart from the rest of the crowd?

5 Relevant Questions to Ask an Interior Designer (Link Roundup)

It is a given that the best interior designers can easily transform any house beautifully. With wrong decisions made, however, any designing project could end up to be a disaster. In order to steer clear from such, it is vital to know what questions to ask when getting the services of an interior designer.

The Deeper Meaning of Mediterranean Interior Design (Link Roundup)

Color is the most important factor of this design. Mediterranean colors are naturally bright and warm because they are supposed to resemble elements of nature such as the sky, sand and the sea.

Medical Applications for Electricity (Link Roundup)

Electricity has a huge influence on people's lives. Though this is the case, very few actually understand how it works. Electricity can be used to provide power to most of man’s day-to-day devices and tools. Just take a good look and you will soon realize its importance. Medical applications for electricity are plentiful and these came with the advent of computer technology.

Electrical Repairs Minus the Hefty Budget (Link Roundup)

A lot of homeowners just center their attention to the hourly rates that licensed electricians charge. These charges range from $30 to $70. What they fail to realize is that the most skilled electricians complete with the right tools who charges $70 every hour is a much better choice than someone who charges for $40 but is inexperienced and is still not familiar with all the crucial tools for an electrical job. In this case, the hourly rate is commensurate to the electrician’s work quality and reliability so do not feel any regrets in paying a higher amount of fee. Just imagine the amount of money and time that you will spend on someone who creates a haphazard job – well, you get the picture.

Quality Bed and Mattress Equals Quality Sleep (Link Roundup)

The bedroom. Unlike other spaces in your home that are robust with activities, the bedroom must evoke a restful mood, even romance. This is the very room that affects sleep so you must pay attention to the type of bed and mattress that you put in.

Furniture Stores Sacramento: The Best Source of Living Room Furnishings

Any living room without furniture is pretty much like an empty canvas. But with the right components, you can turn a bland room into one of the most stunning rooms in your home. With the help of one of the furniture stores Sacramento, you can achieve just this.

Furniture Stores Sacramento: The Best Source of Living Room Furnishings

Any living room without furniture is pretty much like an empty canvas. But with the right components, you can turn a bland room into one of the most stunning rooms in your home. With the help of one of the furniture stores Sacramento, you can achieve just this.

The world is believed to have diminishing resources. Because of this, it is vital to managing money and whatever resources that are still available to spend on electricity bills. Man is also more concerned about the impact that he has made on the environment. It has become important to alter one’s lifestyle and, essentially, to become greener.

Home Entertainment System Installation - 4 Factors That Affect Your Leisure Level

These days, a lot of people go gaga over the latest audio-visual systems in the market. These are extremely popular not just for music lovers but also the movie fanatics out there. Such technology now competes with the magic brought about by the silver screen as people now tend to stay at home instead of getting in line to buy a movie ticket. Since this is the scenario these days, it pays to know about home entertainment system installation.

Smoke Detector Installation: DIY or Hire An Electrician?

Homes, these days, are already required to have interconnected smoke detectors in different locations; these detectors have special wiring.

Japanese Interior Design Characteristics (Link Roundup)

Are you one of those who are attracted to the clean lines and minimalistic qualities of Zen-inspired homes? The Zen-like qualities of materials, open floor plans and space, also the neutral color palettes can all be attributed to Eastern civilizations - Japanese in particular.

It is never an easy task to put one’s home in the market. The first phase of preparation is always to remove the clutter. This is extremely important since many professional home stagers find that almost half of the owner’s current furnishings have no actual bearing on the value of their home. In removing clutter, it has been observed that homes automatically appear larger. You could begin by selling or getting rid of furniture. Only those endowed with a good critical eye will be able to tell what items are necessary and which ones they can live without.

A home is that one place where many people get peace of mind and where they can relax after spending a long, tiring day at work. This is why homeowners must be cautious about the design aspects that they choose for their home’s interiors. Ambience – the most relaxing one – is achieved where painting is done. But wall painting is far from merely holding a paintbrush and a can of paint. There is more to wall painting than meets the eye.

The 1950s is an era for the eager consumer. It was the decade following the war-laden era. There were massive changes inside homes since the people wanted to get rid of the things that reminded them of the war. For them, it was the perfect time to get rid of the old and start embracing the new.

As a kid, did you use to love playing in the living room? But didn’t your mom also ask you, over and over, that you must keep your dirty shoes off the silk upholstery and to steer clear of the glass décor? Now that you’re older and are now worrying about kid-friendly interior design, what do you think you should include in that living room?