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05 Things to do in Krabi Thailand - Make the most of your Kabi Adventure

The Thai island of Krabi boasts everything from tropical forests, to scenic beaches and lively markets. It's hard to decide what to do first in Krabi, so here are the top 5!


Try the local cuisine

Krabi has several markets where you can shop for everything imaginable, including plenty of good food. Walking street is one of the most well-known night markets, located in the centre of town. Here you can find a wide range of local handicrafts, clothes, and trinkets for sale, many of which make great souvenirs; however, it's the food that most people gravitate to here. You can find a wide variety of street food at the market such as smoky kebabs, all kinds of barbecued meats, fresh salads, sweets, shaved ice desserts and much more, at dirt cheap prices! If you're feeling really daring, look out for the food stalls where local delicacies like fried insects and frogs legs are served. While these may be an acquired taste, at least you can say you tired it.


Explore the Tiger Cave Temple

Located not too far from Krabi town, the Tiger Cave Temple is famous for its extensive temple complex which includes an older extension of natural caves that run deep into the mountain side. To get to the temple you'll have to climb the 1,237 steps up the side of the mountain, which is a bit daunting, especially when the weather is really hot. Bring a hat with you and plenty of sunscreen. The steps are uneven and steep in some areas, but a handrail provides ample support all the way to the top, and the panoramic views alone are well worth the climb. If you aren't up for climbing, there are also caves located at the base of the mountain, some of which run deep into the side.


Go Hiking

There are a couple of lush national parks within close distance of Krabi where you can experience a real tropical rainforest. Phanom Bencha national park in particular is home to amazing scenery which includes a large waterfall and a jungle hiking trail. The trail is maintained well and quite impressive to see during rainy season. Other national parks like Khao Hon Nak have more walking trails, some winding up a mountainside to the summit of a karstes.


Explore the Emerald Cave

The mesmerizing emerald cave is located on the island of Ko Mook, and really shouldn't be missed if you get the opportunity to visit. According to locals, the caves were once used by pirates to hide treasures. So well hidden is it, that the cave was only discovered a few decades back when some locals went searching for a bird's nest. The island is accessible by boat, however it's safer to go with an experience guide as the only way to reach the cave is by swimming to the entrance and then walk across a steep ledge single file. Check with a nearby resort like Anantara Si Kao Resort for example, whether they organise excursions to the island.


Visit the Klong Thom Hot Springs

Of all the things to do in Krabi Thailand, you really wouldn't want to miss this one! Located in the middle of a dense, but small jungle, near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve - the hot springs are natural pools that have been shaped from the flow of water from volcanic chambers. A dip in the pools is very relaxing, and water is full of natural mineral salts which are said to aid several health issues.