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Islands of the Maldives - A Random Picking of Maldives' Best

The archipelago of Maldives has over a thousand islands. Some are inhabited, some uninhabited, and others have disappeared over time. This is a list of some popular inhabited islands.



Also called Dhiveli, Kulhudhussushi is the capital city of Haa Dhaalu Atoll or South Thuladhunmathi. The name roughly translates to mean the Heart of North. Being the capital of the atoll it is not one where you will many luxury resorts. Maldives may be famous for its luxurious getaways, but the resorts are usually located on remote islands much smaller in size than the island of Dhiveli. People of the island are famous for their skills in blacksmith work, rope making, boat building, and shark fishing. Historically, the people here have always been identified as being brave beyond measure.



Located on Haa Alif Atoll, the island of Mulhadhoo is an inhabited island of a sparse population of 170 odd people. It was the home to green sea turtles about half a century ago, when the water level and the ecosystem was rather different to what it is today. In fact, over 20,000 turtles used to nest on the shores of Mulhadhoo island. However, as per the records of 2001, only 400 sea turtles had come to nest here, the numbers declining more and more every year. The island is less than 3km in length and just over half a km in width.


Dhaalu Atoll

Dhaalu Atoll is one of the more popular collections of islands where the collective takes precedence over individual islands. Measuring 38km in width, it is home to popular luxury resorts like Niyama Private Islands Maldives as well as to skilled local craftsmen. In fact, the islands of Rinbudhoo and Hilhudhei are renowned for their craftsmanship on jewellery. There are 11 uninhabited islands on the atoll, which are often the destination for day trips among tourists. The main island of the atoll Kudahuvadhoo is where the hospital is located and can be accessed via domestic flights from the Dhaalu airport.



Located at the very edge of the Raa Atoll, the island has a turbulent history. The inhabitants of the island had to be evacuated with the onset of 2004 tsunami, and the resettlement began only in 2008. While these settlements are quite new, there are records on the island of settlements that span over two centuries ago. In fact, the island is presented in wartime stories of the 17th century, when the Portuguese invaded the islands.



Miladhoo belongs to the Noonu Atoll, which is located almost 200km away from Male. Miladhoo is an important island because it is recorded in history as the most populous and developed island in the entire atoll. It is popular for its sports scene, especially football. In addition to that, Miladhoo plays a significant role in the economy of the Maldives as well as in Maldivian politics. You will find that fishing is a significant part of the daily life here and that the entire population is fiercely loyal to the Miladhoo DX football team.