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Headline for Simple Ways for an Ayurvedic Lifestyle – The Path to Healthy Wellbeing
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Simple Ways for an Ayurvedic Lifestyle – The Path to Healthy Wellbeing

Ayurveda is a simple lifestyle that promises to rejuvenate mind, body and soul; plus, this holistic healing method is free of fancy meal plans and elaborate workout schedules. Do read on for more.


Schedule in, a Daily Walk

Ayurveda considers walking as an essential part of our daily lives; to be more precise in terms of Ayurveda walking is considered a tridoshic exercise. Calming the mind and nourishing your senses, walking helps balance all three doshas, without putting too much pressure on your body. So, hook up with a friend or an office co-worker and set off on that exhilarating walk.


Invent Fresh Lunches Every Day

Start off by cutting out canned, frozen of pre-packed food; make yourself a simple lunch from fresh ingredients. Start today and feel the difference. Pre-packed food is considered old or damaged through processing; they no longer contain 'nature's intelligence' and create 'ama' or toxins, which blocks nature's goodness from reaching your system. Hence, start by preparing a fresh lunch, to be eaten warm in a quiet and tranquil ambience. Did you know that even on holiday, you can start this practice by eating right; guests at Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, for instance, are offered raw juices and balanced meals as an option and is ideal for those looking to find a nutritious balance. To enjoy this type of pampering, while on holiday, consider booking yourself into a luxury spa; Maldives has plenty of these offering various holistic healing therapies.


Sip Water Throughout the Day

Ayurveda believes water to be a detoxifier; it flushes out the 'ama' in your system and keeps your digestive tract healthy. Make sure to keep sipping water throughout the day in order to enjoy the healing benefits of this elixir.


Take Away Tiredness with a Glass of Milk

At the end of a stressful day if you can't seem to get yourself to relax, drink a glass of warm milk. Make sure to add a pinch of cardamom to the drink as it makes it easy to digest. The milk should be drunk alone and not taken with meals, in order to avoid indigestion.


Sit Down and Relax

Make time, at least, once a day to sit down, close your eyes and enjoy some 'me' time. Even if you do this for 2 minutes, that time you close your eyes and focus on positive thoughts will help to rejuvenate a tired soul.


Enjoy a Cup of Herbal Tea

Sip some herbal tea, as a refresher. Choose caffeine-free teas, made out of natural herbs. Ideal to re-charge these herbal teas are available in a variety to suit your own dosha type.


Give Yourself a Massage

Your skin will love a massage and some pampering; give yourself a massage with the aid of warm herbal oils. There is a variety available that promises to soothe, relax, hydrate and refresh tired skin.