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Interesting Facts About Eggs – Get to the Yolk of it All

Apart from being extremely healthy & utterly delicious, there are some very interesting facts that you may not know about eggs. Read on for fun facts that add more power to this household food.


Eggs are Top in Proteins

Eating an egg gives you a quality protein boost, quite unlike other common food high in the nutritive. Protein, as everyone knows, provides the building blocks for our bodies, in addition to offering vital nourishment for a healthy growth pattern, especially in children. So the next time you are shopping at Keells Super or your favourite grocer, make sure to add eggs to the list. Why, you can even buy eggs online!


How to Tell if an Egg is Hard Cooked

If you have boiled an egg, but are unsure if it is hard-cooked, spin it. A well-boiled egg will spin easily but if it is still partially raw it will wobble.


Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

Egg yolks are just one of the few foods that provide a person, with their daily dose of vitamin D. They are naturally great for you, whilst providing the essential vitamin.


How to Clean an 'Eggy' Mess

If you dread the thought of cleaning up the runny mess, a fallen egg has made, sprinkle it liberally with salt. The result is a mess that's virtually a breeze to clean up.


Get to Know the Hens Diet

Have you noticed how some egg yolks are light yellow while others vary from a bright sunny yellow to a deep orange? Well, all these shade variations depend on the diet the hen is being fed. The healthier the hen is, the deeper the colour of the yolk.


An Egg Ages Faster at Room Temperature

At room temperature an egg will age faster in a day, than one kept for a week in the refrigerator. A rather interesting fact to ponder, for those preferring eggs that are not kept refrigerated.


An Egg has Fewer Calories

If you thought that consuming eggs are detrimental to your figure, think again. A large egg on average will contain about 70 calories and only 5 grams of fat. Time to get online with your supermarket and order a batch of eggs!


Eggs are Essential for Nutrition

Eggs are only second to mother's milk, in terms of essential nutrition. The protein in eggs contains the right balance of amino acids that are essential for building human tissue; a nutritive received via mother's milk.


Hens Work Very Hard

Hens are pretty hard workers. On average a hen will lay about 300 to 325 eggs per year. Time to get that chicken coop, up and running, folks!


A Hen Takes a Day to Process an Egg

It takes a hen somewhere between 24 to 26 hours to make or produce one egg, hence, the daily checks for eggs. Also as a hen starts to age, the eggs will seem larger in size. As such, it may be worth researching the benefits of eating smaller eggs.

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