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Benefits of Energy Drinks - Getting That All Important Boost

Athletes, professionals and young men and women of all professions seek energy boosts from popular energy drinks available today. Let us find out the actual benefits of these 'energizers'.


More energy

This one seems obvious. Energy drinks are designed to provide a boost of energy and once you've sipped one you are going to feel more alert, wakeful and in a position to tackle your tasks efficiently. This is the main reason that many people around the globe turn to energy drinks. Sri Lanka is no exception.


Specific caffeine amounts

When you drink coffee or tea the amount of caffeine tends to vary and you are left with an intake of an unspecified amount of caffeine. But when you drink a can of energy drink, you will know exactly how much caffeine you are consuming. Each can carry a specified amount of caffeine and you can easily manage your caffeine habit by monitoring your drinks.


Quick boost

When you drink your cold energy drink in one or two gulps, the caffeine will get into your bloodstream faster giving you a quick boost. When you opt to slowly sip a cup of coffee or tea the process takes longer and you have to wait longer to get your needed boost.


More flavours

Energy drinks come in a range of flavours. You can listen to your cravings and choose your favourite flavour and stick to it or experiment with the choice of other flavours. With energy drinks, your caffeine rush can be so much more fun.



When you work out or train, you tend to sweat out water and electrolytes from your body. This can lead to dehydration and fatigue. Pick an energy drink that provides approximately 450 to 690 milligrams of sodium per litre to replace the electrolytes that you lose. If you are running a marathon, you may need to increase the intake of sodium further.



On a hot and humid day, you can drink a cold energy drink for a quick boost of energy and feel refreshed. Unlike warm cups of tea or coffee, these chilled beverages will revive you without making you feel warm and stuffy.



Whether you buy your energy drinks from a supermarket such as Keells Super or from a small shop down your street, you can avoid the hassle of boiling water, measuring tea leaves or coffee powder and simply drink up your pre-packed can of energy-inducing beverage.


Good post-workout drink

Once you sweat out at the gym or go for an energizing run, a cold, energy-boosting drink will be preferable to a hot one. Many athletes consume energy drinks after their training sessions to perk up and quench their thirst.


Option of zero calorie intake

If you want to watch your caloric intake, most energy drinks brands offer a zero calorie option. Even better, you can purchase a zero calorie and sugar-free energy drink to aim for a healthier lifestyle.

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