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05 Unique Things to Try Out in Bangkok – Get Away from the Usual Tourist Lures

Bangkok is a city of many surprises, experiences and adventures. As a popular tourist destination, there are many places to visit and enjoy. But it is the unique little experiences that linger on.


Wake Up to a Gorgeous View

This may seem inconsequential, but once you get to Bangkok, your thoughts will differ. Waking up to sweeping vistas of the city is one of the best ways to start your love affair with Bangkok. There are many Bangkok riverside hotels that offer perfect vistas of the city. Chill on rooftop pool decks and look forward to sunset cocktails to sights of the city engulfed in shades of orange and gold. Look for your own unique view by choosing a Bangkok hotel that lets you wake up in suites and rooms with arresting views of the city.


Brang Krachao when the City is Just too Much

Arriving in Bangkok, you will be greeted by sights, sounds and smells, which will seem exciting and exotic. The traffic-clogged streets, the busy food alleys serving a myriad of Thai dishes, the throngs of crowds and glitzy shopping malls are attractions to savour in this vibrant city. There are times, of course, you may crave for some peace and quiet; Brang Krachao is the answer. You may be asked to head to Lumpini Park for verdant surroundings, but if its uniqueness you crave, check out the lesser known island of Brang Krachao; located in the middle of the Chao Phraya River.The most suitable mode of exploration is the bicycle, which can be hired at the stalls near the arrival pier; oh yes! It is necessary to take the ferry to the island. Equip yourself with a map, bicycle and plenty of fluids. Apart for exploring the place you can check out the josh stick making factory, herbal pillow manufacturer and visit some of the temples.


Consider Some Surfing in Bangkok

If you are the adventurous type there are plenty of things to do around Bangkok; watching a Muay Thai Boxing match, for instance, is a great experience. Add to this the thrills of surfing and you end up a happy adventurer. No, you don't head to the beach (the city is landlocked, serviced by the Chao Phraya River) you visit Flow House. Easy to reach from AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel, loads of cool experiences await you there. Set up with an inflatable ramp which is pumped with a static wave, the place lets you practise balance and cool surf moves. Look forward to loads of fun as you try your hand at surfing, falling off and simply kicking back and having a good time, amongst kids and adults enjoying the glorious weather and thrills of Flow House.


Savour a Unique Coffee Experience

Did you know that Thailand produces a large quantity of coffee? The northern hills are known to produce the best organic coffee, cultivated by the nomadic hill tribes there. These flavours are available in Bangkok; hence, it is not necessary to travel to the hills. Make it your mission to check out the cosy little coffee houses, hidden discreetly amongst the hustle and bustle of the amazing city. Surprise your taste-buds with some excellent coffee options at the many restaurants, cafes and bars of Bangkok.


Savour the Gourmet Food Market of Bangkok

Thai food is extremely delicious and exotic, but there are times when you have had one too many pad Thais and find yourself hankering for a taste of something other than Thai. Well, Bangkok can certainly deliver from the best Argentinian steaks to gourmet French cuisine. Head over to the Commons Market, there you have an amalgamation of gourmet restaurants from across the world. The open air space offers a fusion of recipes and international menus serving the likes of lobster and French pastries and much more.