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Love/Hate Relationship betw Product Management & Sales Force 07/25 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Jock Busuttil, Senior Product Manager, Experian, London, Leads Twitter Discussion On The Pivotal Role Product Management Plays In Supporting Effective Sales Teams "The effectiveness of your organisation's sales force ultimately determines whether your carefully-crafted product is a roaring success or an abject failure. As product managers and marketers, you play a pivotal role in helping your sales teams realise the potential of your products. We'll be exploring what you can and should be doing." (The views expressed by Jock are his own and do not reflect those of his employer.) Resources:

Know Your Enemy: The Competitive Space w/Gopal Shenoy 08/01 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Gopal Shenoy is a seasoned software product management veteran with over 15 years of experience managing highly successful B2B and B2C software products. ”As software product managers, understanding your competition needs to be a very important ingredient of your work DNA”, suggests Gopal. His personal blog "Software Product Manager" at is rated as one of the top product management blogs in the world. “I'm delighted to discuss this topic in a Socratic manner on Twitter with an international community of product managers. The Global Product Management Talk is like a weekly mini-product camp where participants share their knowledge, and I get to ask the questions and comment. I'm looking forward to also having my discussion with the co-hosts be available on along with the transcript following the event.” Resources:

Dissecting MABUSHI with a Laser with Tim C. Johnson 08/22 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Tim Returns after Laser Surgery for Dissecting MABUSHI with a Laser MABUSHI is the bane of product marketing and continues to run rampant, especially in the high-tech space. Its altogether too easy to get excited about a new feature set but customers rarely buy feature sets - they usually buy solutions to their problems. Effective product marketers truly recognize how their products address those problems. This session will focus on how to cut through your own fluff and get to who really cares and whats important to them. Tim C. Johnson is a Product Marketing expert and Author of the "Its About Value" product marketing blog dedicated to ridding the world of MABUSHI (look up the definition at Johnson has 20+ years of sales and marketing experience in software ranging from end-user applications to development tools, databases, ERP, systems management, security and cloud Background resources:

Maintaining a Product Roadmap w/Matt Howell 08/15 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

According to Matt Howell, “This session will be an open discussion to uncover best practices in roadmap maintenance, with the goal of surfacing new successful patterns among the variety of industries represented by #ProdMgmtTalks community.” “Working with the Global Product Management Talk group has been an essential component of building my network on Twitter. The weekly sessions continue to provide immense value to both new and veteran Product Managers,”

Product Managers and Brand Management w/Mack McCoy 08/29 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Mack McCoy insists, “If you think you're just selling a product, you're wrong! Customers have moved on. They see BRANDS as services and products as a component of the relationship they have with a variety of brands at any given time. Everything is migrating into a service. Customers still buy individual products, but their experience IS your brand impression - the product is important but it's only a part of their entire relationship.” Follow @ProdMgmtTalk hashtag #ProdMgmtTalk

Managing Backlog During Initial Development w/ John Peltier 09/19 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Questions for discussion: In the B2B world, companies frequently invest time on market research to develop the product vision, and then sequester the product owner in the tactical development work during the entire "version 1" construction phase. In contrast, agile started in the custom software world, where products being built for a specific customer often involved a customer representative in the form of the "product owner" to provide direct input as the product is being developed. John Peltier has served as Product Owner on three development projects with varying organizational structures, and has amassed an unenviable collection of bumps and bruises along the way. Johns experience has led to a unique viewpoint on how Product Managers can harness Scrum to deliver better products. Twitter @johnpeltier @prodmgmttalk Todays hosts: Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon and Roger Cauvin, Product Strategist @rcauvin

You need to know about Data Privacy w/ Shaun Dakin, Fellow, 09/26 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

If you are developing web or mobile applications, data privacy and security are front and center, particularly in 2011. Washington, DC, both the White House and Congress, is extremely interested in doing "something" about protecting the privacy of consumers. In May alone there were 3 hearings in Congress on privacy, data breaches, and mobile geolocation. Shaun Dakin, MBA is a social media expert who specializes in brand building, management and marketing, and issues surrounding public/ private information. He started a non-profit, The National Political Do Not Contact Registry, in 2007 to fight for voter's privacy rights and to fight against those evil political robocalls. In the space of a year he took the organization from a start-up to over 200,000 members and he became the spokesperson for voter privacy throughout the nation. During that time he testified in the US Senate, was on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, XM Radio, NBC, CBC, and ABC. He is most proud of helping to introduce the Robocall Privacy Act with Senator Feinstein. Twitter: @ShaunDakin @PrivacyCamp @IsCool Hosts: Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon w /Adrrienne Tan @brainmates @prodmgmttalk

Product Management and Value Co-Creation w/Jose Briones, PhD 10/03 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Value Co-Creation not only describes a business management trend of jointly creating products, the term also refers to a change in orientation towards quantifying the customer experience. Value co-creation is a movement towards recognizing the perceived value experienced by the customer throughout all interactions with the product, brand and service. Product managers recognize that the value of the customer experience is much more than mere financial transactions. This discussion will uncover how value co-creation can be applied to the successful development of products and services. For the past year, Dr. Briones has been creating a next-generation framework for innovation management based on a spiral approach. The basis for the framework is the different management approaches for disruptive or new-market innovation vs. incremental innovation combined with a controlled iterative approach to the discovery process. This framework has been presented at numerous conferences and webinars to great reviews. "As a frequent participant in the Global Product Management Talk, as well as other Twitter chats, such as #innochat, I look forward to the participants' experience in applying value co-creation to the product management process," commented Dr. Briones. Resources:

Oct 10: Tech Product Management Education w/ Saeed W. Khan 10/10 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Saeed Khan, Product Management Expert, Leads Twitter Chat On Essential Knowledge and Skills for Product Management Success. There are few if any formal education programs for technology product management. There are some university courses and well known short training classes that give an introduction to the topic. But given the breadth of skills (business, technical, organizational, etc.) needed by technology product managers, and the laments we hear from people working in the field, what is really needed to fill the gap? This discussion will identify the essential skills, knowledge, tools, etc. that can help lead a technology product manager to success. "This is my second time leading the discussion with the Global Product Management talk community," commented Saeed. “I enjoy participating in this talk regularly and view it as an educational event for product managers to share their knowledge and experience.”

Distinctions between "Product" and "Project" Management 10/17 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Robert Kelly, PMP Managing Partner, Kelly Project Solutions says, "There tends to be a lot of debate on the roles & responsibilities of the Project Manager vs. the Product Manager. In this twitter talk, we would like to gain a better understanding of how these roles can more effectively work together to bring to market high quality products. "I am honored to join the Global Product Management Community on this upcoming twitter chat! This is a tremendous opportunity for thought leaders in the space to come together and really bounce ideas off of one another, gain insight, and grow their own understanding on a number of topics in product management. I am very excited and looking forward to it." Follow @rkelly976 and @kellysolutions Resources:

Oct 24: Building Innovative Products with Jason Hardy-Smith 10/24 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Jason Hardy-Smith, Vice President of Product Management at Brightidea, Identifies Best Practices For Sourcing New Product Ideas And Managing Innovation. “Collaboration and intellectual exchange between product managers across industries is inspiring and accelerates productivity. I am excited to connect with the Global Product Management Talk community and discuss innovative product development,” says Jason Hardy-Smith. Resources:

Best Product Person w/ Jeremy Horn, The Product Guy 10/31 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

The Best Product Person (TBPP) is the leading international award honoring excellence in Product Management. Established in 2010, TBPP is awarded annually in association with The Product Guy ( and The Product Group ( Nominations close: November 29th, 2011 “I love meeting with product people and am excited about the opportunity to discuss many of these product issues we all care about with the Global Product Management Talk community. I cant wait to provide everyone with the latest on the search for The Best Product Person of 2011 and share how you can participate,” says Jeremy Horn. Resources:

Pre-Global ProdMgmtTalk w/ Brandi Moore on PM and India 09/09 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

In todays globalized environment we are all expected to be global Product Managers working with people from very different beliefs about work. India and the US are almost exactly opposite in their business preferences. These preferences show up when organizing a meeting, inside virtual environments like wikis, deadlines being missed, product deliverables being wrong, and low levels of team retention. Brandi Moore, Founder of IndiaThink and the first American focused on building global business relationships between India and the US, will join us to discuss the challenges product managers face and offer perspectives on how culture may be at the root of many business problems. "Our conversation will offer insights to a community that is stepping into global management on a daily basis and needs to understand how Indias business preferences are very different, impacting everything that happens during product development cycles."

Global Product Management Talk on Roadmapping w/Bill Galfano 11/14 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Bill Galfano, President And Co-Founder, MileMarker, believes that everyone who manages the development of a product--and who has customers--has a product roadmap. However, the formality and the maturity of the roadmap can differ wildly from organization to organization. Bill Galfano is joined by Cindy F. Solomon with co-host Roger Cauvin in responding to the twitter discussion about how others view the value of a roadmap, its role in managing the evolution of a product, and its role in communicating to executives, teams, and customers. Resources:

Overcoming Limited Resources & Unrealistic Expectations 11/23 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Overcoming Limited Resources and Unrealistic Expectations to Ensure Product Success W. Alejandro Polanco, Head of Product Strategies, Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc Led the Global Product Management Talk Twitter Discussion About Ensuring Product Success Despite Challenges on November 21, 2011 Ironically, we had technical difficulties and were not able to broadcast audio commentary during the event. Cindy F. Solomon and W. Alejandro Polanco revisit the tweets and content discussed to satisfy the expectation for a new podcast weekly to accompany the transcript of tweets! Resources:

Overcoming Limited Resources & Unrealistic Expectations 11/23 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Overcoming Limited Resources and Unrealistic Expectations to Ensure Product Success W. Alejandro Polanco, Head of Product Strategies, Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc Led the Global Product Management Talk Twitter Discussion About Ensuring Product Success Despite Challenges on November 21, 2011 Ironically, we had technical difficulties and were not able to broadcast audio commentary during the event. Cindy F. Solomon and W. Alejandro Polanco revisit the tweets and content discussed to satisfy the expectation for a new podcast weekly to accompany the transcript of tweets! Resources:

Innovation: Result of Intersection of Invention & Value 07/23 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Innovation: The Result of the Intersection of Invention and Value w/ Jose Briones, PhD @brioneja Jose says, "The Global Product Management Talk is an innovative attempt to enable real time participation simultaneously on open platforms using Twitter, Skype and BlogTalkRadio. I look forward to discussing how companies define innovation and what systems are currently in place to support and manage development of innovation throughout the entire process during #ProdMgmtTalk." Co-host @Therese Padilla, President @AIPMM joins @CindyFSolomon for this discussion Background Resources:

Product Portfolio Management w/ Veronica Figarella, PM 11/28 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Veronica Figarella, Product Management Professional, Leads Discussion About Effectively Managing Multiple Products Today's businesses are faced with reacting to the increased speed to market for new products, delivering shareholder value for existing products and allocating relevant resources, including people and money, to current and future projects. As a result, product portfolio managers are faced with legacy problems of too many projects underway and determining which, if any, are worthwhile. They must alleviate issues of limited resources spread too thin and across too many projects, projects taking too long to get to market and a pipeline full of too many low value projects. Product portfolio management is about resource allocation to achieve corporate product and innovation objectives. Companies without effective product portfolio management are doomed. This discussion will identify some tools and experiences to improve the demanding task of managing multiple products. Resources:

PCamp Austin & Product Camp Marketing Best Practices 12/05 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Marketing Gunslinger, spoke about how much fun PCamp Austin, how to nurture a vibrant product management community between pcamps, logistics, marketing and mentoring volunteers. Different flavors and experiences of other PCamps were discussed. As a former Rocket Scientist, Elizabeth helped navigate spacecraft on their journey from Earth to Mars and as a systems engineer managed the requirements to transition to move navigational software from one code base to another. However, her personal journey brought her back to Texas where she completed her MBA and was a product professional at IBM. In 2009, Elizabeth became an active member of ProductCamp Austin and has been an active Marketing Gunslinger since. Elizabeth says, “I am thrilled to join the Global Product Management Community on this twitter chat! I have seen various thought leaders and active community members bounce ideas, share best practices and more importantly - grow the community around product management and product marketing. Looking forward to this twitter chat!” Resources:

Taking a fresh look at Product Strategy w/ Prabhakar Gopalan 12/12 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Prabhakar gave an exciting talk about challenging issues despite the platform limitations! Product strategy is a topic in the minds of everyone involved with developing and selling a product. Most product failures are attributed to "bad strategy". In this talk lets look at product strategy from a fresh perspective - from the experimental school and contrast it with the God complex approach that is more prevalent. What we share and learn could inspire us to challenge and test our approaches to strategy as a practice. Prabhakar says: "Im very excited to participate in ProdMgmtTalk via Twitter. Im hoping to learn and share insights from a curious group of product leaders. Talking of experiments, this (ProdMgmtTalk) is a fantastic one!" Resources:

Questioning The Marketing Mix w/ Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey 12/19 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Jeff SKI Kinsey, Entrepreneur & Author, @consultski Questions The Validity Of The Four Ps And The Notion Of The Marketing Mix For Product Management Jeff SKI Kinsey talks with Cindy F. Solomon of The Global Product Management Talk and Brianna who is completing her MBA and working with brainmates December 19, 2011 Jeff says: “I have participated in several sessions and have listened to a number of Product Mgt Talks on blog talk radio and find them of great value. I am excited to share my thoughts concerning the Marketing component with the Global Product Management Talk community. " Mentioned resources, books & links:

The Seven Pillars of Product Management w/ @valworkman 01/09 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Val Workman @valworkman Launches Global Product Management Talk 2012 With Discussion On Applying The Seven Pillars of Product Management for Personal Development in discussion with co-hosts Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon and Adrienne Tan @brainmates Val says: “I believe in product people. For me its a way of life. Im very excited to have an opportunity to address the Global Product Management community on the topic of using product management principles to increase our personal competitive advantage. I couldnt have asked for better timing as we prepare for this New Year." Resources:

The Impact of Pricing On Value w/ Mark Stiving, Ph.D. 01/16 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Mark Stiving is a respected pricing expert with a Ph.D. in Marketing (Pricing) from U.C. Berkeley and more than 15 years of experience helping companies implement value- based pricing strategies to increase profits. A speaker, coach, and consultant, Stiving has worked with esteemed companies such as Cisco, Procter and Gamble, Grimes Aerospace, Rogers Corporation, as well as many small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Mark Stiving authored the book, Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits which Twitter participants will be eligible to win during the discussion! Stiving says: “I love pricing and really enjoy helping people understand it better. The Global Product Management Talk represents a large community of product people who really need to know pricing and it excites me knowing I have the potential to help so many professionals at once." Follow Marks website & blog Collected Resources:

The Brand Called You with Mary Ellen Miller @MarketingMel 01/23 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

Mary Ellen Miller, President and CEO of @MarketingMel discusses personal brands like Gary V, Dolly Parton and Tebow joined by co-host @ErikaLAndersen with @CindyFSolomon on Twitter using hashtag #prodmgmttalk Mel is a PR strategist who helps business professionals build their personal and business brands. After starting her company, she masterminded the highly successful Dan Eldridge for Washington County Mayor campaign in Northeast Tennessee where she resides. Mary Ellen says: "Public relations is essential for product managers and social media is one tool in that P.R. tool box. I can't wait to discuss some famous personal brands and share tips with the #ProdMgmtTalk community to help you boost your online brands. Participating in Twitter Chats like the Global Product Management Talk is a great strategy for promoting your personal brand!" Resources:

John Mansour @mansourjc New Class Of B2B Product Management 01/30 by ProdMgmttalk | Blog Talk Radio

There is a gaping hole that exists between corporate financial goals and the constantly growing slate of product initiatives. When that gap exists, every market opportunity and every product idea seems like a good one. It's a path of distraction that's stifling the growth of many organizations. Product management and product marketing teams collectively own the responsibility for closing the “strategy gap.” Through no fault of their own, few product teams are structured to close that gap. It's time for a new class of product manager and a new gauge for measuring success. “For many organizations, traditional product management and marketing practices can only take them so far. I love the conversational format of Global Product Management Talk to get new ideas out there because the dialogue is much more valuable than a one-way monologue thats typical of most web-based communications,” commented Mansour. Resources: