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Updated by on Nov 17, 2017
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Top Ways to Adjust Windows 10 for Gaming

Playing games on the computer can be a whole lot of fun, especially when using an operating system like Windows 10. Computers offer high-quality graphics, and if you are playing on a laptop, exceptional portability. And while Windows 10 has lots of great features for gamers, there are some settings that should be changed to enhance the experience. Here are the top way to adjust Windows 10 for gaming.


Disable Automatic Updates

One popular feature that Windows 10 comes with is automatic updates. With automatic updates, your operating system will download and implement any new updates that are released. However, this feature can be problematic when gaming, as it can slow game speeds and reduce connectivity. If you are planning on gaming, it is wise to disable automatic updates.


Customizing the Visual Effects Options

Graphic user interfaces (GUI) are meant to make searching through files and folders more user-friendly. But what is less known, is that the GUI takes up a considerable amount of processing power and this can hinder your gaming experience. With Windows 10, you will want to switch the GUI settings from “impress” to “performance” to take some pressure off the processor.


Power Plan Settings

If you are familiar with Windows 10, then you may be aware that is has a few different power settings that act as a means of balancing the energy usage of the OS with its performance. The default power plan setting for Windows 10 is “balanced”, which is fine for most computer tasks, but if you are going to be playing video games, you should switch the power plan to “performance” to maximize the processor's output.


Driver Updates

Drivers are responsible for the seamless operation of various components within the operating system. In order for these components to function correctly, it is vital that the drivers be updated regularly. For gamers, the most important driver to consider is the graphics card driver. Thankfully, in Windows 10, updating drivers is as simple as navigating to the properties menu and selecting the driver that needs updating.

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