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Amaya Hills

Each country has its own traditions and it is no different when it comes to Sri Lanka and its religious attractions. By educating yourself beforehand, you can ensure a memorable experience.


Dress appropriately

While you can dress how you please in the city or nearby hotels in Kandy, Sri Lanka with examples like Amaya Hills, this is not the case at the Temple of the Tooth. Since it is one of the holiest locations in the country, you should be appropriately dressed at all times. This means wearing clothing that covers your shoulders and is long enough to reach your knees or below. Once you do reach the temple, take off your shoes or slippers, as you are required to enter the premises on barefoot. If your attire consists of extras like caps, hats or sunglasses, make it a point to take them off too as a sign of respect to the temple.


Behave in a respectful manner inside the temple

All religious sites are usually associated with a feeling of solemnity and peace. You might even find people meditating inside the temple and it is important that you respect this atmosphere and behave in a manner that is respectful of the surroundings. Avoid running about and talking loudly as that can disturb other visitors. In most cases, people tend to offer flowers as a token of respect or burn incense sticks. You can do the same should you wish to, but it is not a necessity. What is necessary however is that you respect the pilgrims and the atmosphere inside the temple.


Be mindful of taking pictures

The Temple of the Tooth is a splendid example of Sri Lanka's architecture and is a major reason that the Temple of the Tooth was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from the architecture, the temple houses multiple paintings that span the ages. Therefore, it might be very tempting to pull out your flashy camera and start snapping at every awe filling sight, but you need to be mindful of your surroundings while you do this. Take a glance around and check for any signs that ask you to avoid taking photos. This can be due to the sensitivity of the place or the painting or it can be out of respect too. On other occasions, there might be notices asking you to avoid using the flash on your camera as it can damage the decades old paintings. Be mindful of taking pictures of pilgrims and visitors as they might not prefer it. If you do want to, request their permission before you do so.


Respect the Buddha Statues

The Temple of the Tooth is home to many magnificent Buddha statues. If you plan to take pictures, avoid posing next to the statue. Turning your back on a Buddha statue is considered a sign of disrespect in the country, so is laying your hands on the statues or leaning against it. By adhering to these simple tips, you can ensure your trip to the Temple of the Tooth is smooth and problem free.

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