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Best Spa Treatments – When the Splurge is Worth It

Spa treatments are more popular than ever in the 21st century, and something that was initially mostly enjoyed by women has garnered a strong male following as well.


Serenity of the Five Elements

Thailand is a land of much heritage and tradition, and this 90-minute experience is born out of ancient techniques which are unique to Northern Thailand, specifically the region of Lanna. The five elements refer to Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood, all of which are utilised during the course of the massage. These elements are coupled with a variety of ingredients such as herbs and a selection of therapeutic materials.


Rasul Treatment

This iconic Hong Kong treatment is geared towards women and is a very comprehensive experience with the intent to detoxify and cleanse the body while also rejuvenating it. After a heat treatment involving mud rich in minerals which releases toxins from the skin, exfoliation is provided with the use of natural herbs and more mud. Finally, the recipient is taken into a steam room which results in the softening of the mud and the opening of pores, which allows the minerals in the mud to be easily absorbed by the body.


Maafushivaru Moment

This experience is for couples only and is a signature treatment of the spa of Maafushivaru Maldives. This particular moment lasts a total of 150 minutes and involves a whole range of therapies encompassing massage techniques and even an aromatic bath. Sparkling wine and a selection of fruit are also served during the course of this treatment to enhance the overall experience. This is further testament to the fact that there's nothing quite like a trip to a spa resort in Maldives.


Native Desert Sage Massage

The Santa Rosa Mountains of California are renowned for their botanical biodiversity and this experience makes use of the lush resources of this beautiful locale. This treatment lasts just under an hour and features a full-body exfoliation after which a special desert sage oil is utilised to relax fatigued muscles. In addition to providing physical relaxation, the fragrances of these herbaceous ingredients will prove blissful to the mind.


The Cure

With a bold and ominous name such as this, you know this is going to be a spectacular treatment. Basically, this is the facial to end all facials. Taking place over a span of 80 minutes, The Cure utilises a range of high-quality products and enzymatic heat to completely nullify pores. Then a special foaming mask is coupled with a hydrating veil to profoundly nourish the skin.


Mandara Signature Massage

One of the most incredible spa experiences China has to offer, this treatment blends massage styles from Japan, Hawaii, Thailand, Sweden and Bali. This is also called the 'four-hand massage' since it involves two therapists working in perfect unison. The ingredients utilised during this massage include sandalwood, ylang-ylang and patchouli. When combined together, they work to ease the nervous system, stimulate the growth of healthy skin, and relax tired muscle tissue. Overall it results in a blissful mind and a completely relaxed body.

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