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DNA Testing For Dogs

Everyday newspapers and online ads are offering up dogs for sale. Dogs of every breed shape and size are available for a price. If you look closely and are an astute negotiator sometimes you can find what seems to be a bargain. You may be offered a 'non-papered' purebred, which means getting the dog you want at a reduced price. Read More


Dog DNA Test - Your First Important Step to Raising a Happy and Healthy Mixed-Breed Dog

It never crossed my mind to do a Dog DNA Test until we adopted a puppy with snow-white fur with sky blue eyes - expected grown up medium-size, Siberian Husky-Mix. Not a day passed that we have stopped wondering "what DNA breed composition" is our dog made up of? It killed us when we were unable to provide answers when asked "Your dog is so cute! What breed is she?"Read More


Dog DNA Tests - Why Do Costs and Time For Results Vary So Much?

It's exciting that dog owners can now determine what breeds make up their mixed breed mutts. Many owners are simply curious to learn the heritage of their dogs but the practical benefit is that veterinarians can now identify what conditions and ailments to look out for while caring for the dog. Read More


Dog DNA Test - What is Included and What Steps Are Required?

While dog DNA breed identification tests have been available for more than two years, most mixed-breed dog owners still have not heard of them. In the past, DNA testing was familiar to readers of crime novels as being a very expensive and high-tech tool available only to sophisticated laboratories. But today, it's still high-tech and the equipment and processes are equally sophisticated but the cost has come down to the point where it is affordable to the average dog owner. This is because of the high volume of tests processed and the advent of modern automation equipment. Read More


Dog DNA Test - Why Should My Mixed Breed Dog Get a DNA Test?

Dogs' well-being and health can be improved when proper measures are carried out based on accurate information about your dog's breed. Therefore, it is much easier to gather information regarding your dog's breed as these resources can be found via bookstore outlets or internet. However, if your dog is a mixed breed, how could you find the breed of your dog? You just could not determine your dog's breed based on the appearance of your dog. Read More


The Best Dog DNA Testing Kit

If you have ever asked yourself the question "What kind of dog do I have?" then you need to find the best dog DNA testing kit. These tests will allow you to learn all about your dog's breeds, including health and behavioral information that will help you give your dog the best life possible. Read More


Find Reliable Dog DNA Tests Today

Many of us who adopt mixed-breed puppies are always wondering what exact breeds they are made up of. This is actually a way more important question than you could ever imagine. Knowing the breeds in your dog will allow you to know their health and behavioral patterns and with that knowledge you will be able to keep your dog happy and healthy. The fastest way to learn the breeds is to find the most reliable dog DNA tests. Read More


A Dog DNA Test Kit Will Make You a Better Dog Owner

When it comes to your dog, it is too risky to not order a dog DNA test kit. Would you like it your parents played a guessing game with your health? If you do not know what breeds make up your mixed-breed dog, you might end up with a dog that howls, chews everything up and is aggressive. Then you will become impatient and angry towards your dog because you think you know how to fix the problems, but you don't. Read More


Do You Know What A Dog DNA Test Can Do For You?

Did you know that a dog DNA test can increase your dog's well-being and health? Your dog's health and behavior patterns are completely based on what type of breed they are. But what if you have a mixed-breed? People who have purebreds pick up books to learn about their dogs, but if your dog is a mixed-breed, you can't just guess what breeds they are made up of by looking at them. Luckily, a DNA test will tell you what breeds you need to look into. Read More


Dog DNA Testing Gaining Popularity

More and more dog owners are using dog DNA tests to determine the genetic makeup of their dog. Veterinarians are a glow in the latest craze to come about in their field in years. The demand for canine DNA testing stems from the vast number of mixed breed dogs that exist and the fairly accurate analysis that DNA testing can provide. These canine tests will continue to be popular with a cost in the low hundreds. The owner recives an at home kit or can go to clinic and a sample of hair or blood is taken from your animal sent to the genetics lab and analyzed for gene expression Read More.


Dog DNA Test - How Does the Dog Breed DNA Test Work?

You might be wondering, how does this DNA testing tool able to identify your dog's breed? In the sampling process, cheek cells are obtained by cheek swabbing before sending it to the lab for breed analysis. Many people have mistakenly collected saliva from their dogs for further analysis. The swabbing process is completely painless and non-invasive. It is done easily by the dog owner without the presence of veterinarian. Read More