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Important Pets Blogs

Important dogs, cats and pet supplies blogs.

5 Prime Ways for Administering Treatments to Cats

A treatment served rightly, ensures the best results. For cats, they are resistant to intake the medications or preventatives that are for the betterment of their health.

What is Miliary Dermatitis in Cats? What causes it?

Feline dermatitis also commonly known as Miliary dermatitis or scabby cat disease is not a disease actually but a combination of various signs that builds a condition in cats. Red rashes in the areas of head, neck and back describes the dermatitis where the cats keep on scratching and itching extensively.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Curb the Biting Habit of my Kitty during Playtime – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

One moment your kitty would make you fall head over heels through their ever so friendly smiling gesture while at other times this sweet, friendly friend of yours turns into a violent creature that attacks you viciously during playtime. Most of the cat owners have shown their concern about this strange behavior of their feline during playtime. The problem is that the behavior of your kitty transforms so quickly that it becomes difficult to gauge what really happened…The only thing that you can recollect and ever think of is “My cat bit me….Why in the hell did it happen?”

Alice Oritse's answer to Is there a permanent solution for ticks on my dog? - Quora

Sadly, there is no permanent solution for dogs ticks. You can use different types of treatment which last upto 2 months.

Canada VetExpress's answer to How do you get rid of fleas in puppies? - Quora

Almost all fleas treatments are of dogs older then 8 weeks. If your puppy is older then 6 week you can use revolution fleas treatment.

What Are You Waiting For? It’s Cyber Monday | BudgetPetWorld

Wohoooo!!!! It’s November here. A month in which Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall one after another. Everyone is aware of the online sale on Cyber Monday for

Black Friday: It’s Discount Day for your Pets – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

November and December are the months of the year bringing joy and celebration. It begins with Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day. What after the Thanksgiving Day? It’s Black Friday. It’s the commencement of the unofficial online seasonal sale.

Sam Johnson's answer to What are the treatments for a dog with an upset stomach? - Quora

In this situation i would suggest you to use Homeopet Digestive Upsets. Its for dogs and cats. Digestive Upsets is a naturally developed liquid for treating digestive upsets in animals.

Simparica – A Detailed Review Of A New Oral Flea and Tick Prevention | BudgetPetWorld

Recently many flea and tick oral medications have been added to the treatment list for dogs. With fleas and ticks becoming immune to traditional treatments,

Prevalent behavior problems in Canines – Symptoms and treatment – BudgetPetWorld

Even a slight change in the behavior of your loved ones makes you worry about the reason for that change. Similarly, dogs are also a living creature who behaves in a certain manner. A dog lover will always observe his or her dog’s behavior regularly and will keep a check whether their canine is behaving…

Natural Remedies and Guidelines to Deworm a Pet – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

Worming a pet when he gets to a certain age is essential. Gastrointestinal worms are the worst nightmare for the pet-parents because you never know when they’ll infect in your pet’s body. Intestinal worms are of many types and all these cause various infections as well as diseases to your four-legged pal. Preventing and controlling these worms from disrupting the contentment of your puppy or kitten helps you and your pet in a long run. A number of home remedies are there that are beneficial to prevent the intestinal worms.

It’s Time for Christmas Shopping for Your Pet | BudgetPetWorld

December is near and celebration scenario has begun to roll. You can see that wherever your eyes reach people are rushing to stores and shops to buy some

This Christmas- Be a Better Pet Lover – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

Christmas is just a few days ahead, and we know that you have already made plans to celebrate it in a great style. We, at Canada Vet Express, a dedicated place for pet care supplies, want to add our share of love and care for your little furry pal, this Christmas. The Christmas along with bringing joy and happiness in our lives also reminds us of our duty to those we love and the need to take care of their lives.

Distinguish Between Revolution For Cats And Revolution For Dogs | BudgetPetWorld

Revolution for Dogs and Cats has been designed to protect the pets from a wide range of parasites. This is FDA-approved, it is manufactured by Bayer to provide

Tips and tools to curb allergies in Canines - Budget Pet World

Learn how to keep you house and dog allergies free.

Dog’s Behavioral Problem- Symptoms and Treatment - CanadaVetExpress

You must have come across listening to people’s good or bad behavior, but ever you heard that dogs also have such kind of behavioral issues!

Won’t You Celebrate Your New Year With Budget Pet World | BudgetPetWorld

With the advent of New Year, a ray of hope has entered into our lives. A hope for better and more prosperous New Year. But, what separates a mundane day and a

Wish Your Kitty A Healthy New Year. Avail Finest Deals Here – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

You can say that November is the inception of the shopping to get the best deals on products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What after Black Friday and Cyber Monday? First is Christmas and the New Year. During this month of December, workload gets less and people focus more on shopping and celebration for Christmas and New Year. Often people decide to stock everything they require by buying in these two months to save their bucks. Several plans are made for Christmas and New Year. While planning and shopping for Christmas, don’t forget to take care of your feline’s health. Add an extra thing to your shopping list. That is storing some cat products to keep your feline healthy and protect it from various illnesses.

Overcoming Heart Infections in Dogs | BudgetPetWorld

Heart diseases are common for all age of dogs and all breeds. A healthy heart ensures a healthy life for canines. It can prevent with proper treatment.

Dry Eye Guide Book for Dog Parents – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

Here is a simple and informative guide for the knowledge of dry eyes in dogs. Eyes are vital organs of any organism’s body and hence any disease related to it must be known. This also ensures that the dog-owner will use proper preventive steps to avoid such critical eye situation in dogs.

Are You Afraid Of Nail Clipping Of Your Dog? Don’t Worry – BudgetPetWorld

Best way to clip dogs nails when they are scared or get aggressive.

Don’t Run Away From Your Dog’s Fishy Breath | BudgetPetWorld

Your dog loves you a lot and so as you. You are used to of your dog kissing you and licking your face. But one fine day a kiss of your dog smell like fish

Are You Upset And Finding The Reason For Your Dog Not Eating The Food? – CanadaVetExpress – Pet Care Tips

Suppose you have recently adopted a dog. After few weeks your dog has stopped eating the food. It is obvious that this gesture of dog will definitely upset you. You are not aware of what to do. What would a new dog parent generally do in such a situation? He or she will research on the reason for the dog not eating the food. There are many reasons causing your dog not eating the food.

Arthritis In Dogs: Tips For Winter and Treatment | BudgetPetWorld

The vastness of the disease called, arthritis often gets complicated by its numerous types. Be it human or animal-like dog, the disorder in the joints and the

A Step- By- Step Approach to Choose A Personal Groomer For Your Canine – BudgetPetWorld

Grooming is an important aspect related to pet parenting, which is so vital for your pet’s wellness. A well-groomed dog lived more as compared to a dog, which has not given any kind of grooming. Unlike in the past, a pet owner today has a multitude of options to care for his pet’s overall health…