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Email List Verification

Email List Verification

Verify550 - Email List cleaning and Email Validation Services

Verify550 provide the best email list cleaning and email validation services. For more information about email list verification visit our website.

Email List Verification versus Email List Validation

There are two types of email list cleaning: Validation & Verification. Validation removes threats while verification removes bounces. This article will break down the difference and tach you the importance of which you should use before you spend funds on something that you didn’t want or need.

Email address verification - What is it exactly?

There are dozens of email list hygiene companies to choose from and most say they do verification, but do they? A lot of services who offer to scrub email list free are actually validation companies that do not do verification.

Email Validation Services - A Thorough Walk Through

Email validation services, unlike email verification, focuses on the threats outside of the email itself. Email validation removes spamtraps, complainers, litigators, botclickers, roles/departmental and seeds while fixing the email removing syntax errors, unicode/latin characters and lastly checks the mx and domain for setup issues.

Difference Between Email Verification Services and Email Address Validation

Email verification services and email address validation are two completely different things. The way we like to explain it is validation is everything before the @ sign and verification is everything after the @ sign. Now, this may not be the most technical way to explain it, it works with beginners and helps to explain more quickly.

Email List Cleaning and the Pitfalls of Giving Up Your Data

Email list cleaning is a spendy process. It’s more expensive than sending email itself with your own MTA. It requires validating if they email is a threat like a trap or litigator or verify if they email is deliverable, catch-all or bounce.

How to Find an Email List Cleaner Free

Email list cleaner free is going to be a challenge. Validation is cheaper than verification so if you want it done for free, the only choice is to find a validation company.

Why is email list verification so expensive?

Email list verification is one of the most challenging parts of email list hygiene. Everyone want their email list cleaning free, but in this case, you really get what you pay for. Out of the dozens of competitors in this field, all of them know that it’s not easy to verify if an email is a catch-all, soft bounce or hard, and on top of that, report back the exact details of the “kind” of bounce it really is.

Beware of free email verification companies

An email validation service costs less than an email verification service. The reason is the algorithm does mostly matching and removing emails against large suppressions lists. This costs bandwidth and time. Many validation companies also check the mx records which doesn’t harm the IP or domain when requested.

Difference between an email verification tool and a service

An email verification tool is an application hosted on your desktop whether mac, windows, free bsd or linux (operating system). Basically an application or software executable that you have full control over with features, bells and whistles.

Email verification services are a must for neglected optin lists

Email verification services are not crucial if your list is familiar with you. In order for you to email market without any incident, everyone in your list must know the domain name they signed up with. Email marketers must never let their lists sit more than 30 days without sending to them.

The right and wrong way to do email list verification

We have explained the differences between validation and email list verification in previous posts. In short, validation does not remove bounces nor does it do an smtp handshake. Many validation companies do, however, mx checking where it checks certain steps if the mail exchange is setup properly.