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Special Seafood in Maldives – Treat Those Taste Buds

Seafood in Maldives is stupendously delicious; the freshest catch of the day is cooked up in a variety of dishes perfected over the years, plus, luxury resorts seem to work wonders with the variety.


Mas Huni – Tuna Made with Coconut

Mas Huni is an all-time favourite for breakfast, besides being a breeze to prepare the dish is full of flavours that remind one of the islands. It is made by combining flaked smoked tuna, milky coconut that is scraped to little shreds, spicy chilli, onions and a variety of exotic herbs. What arrives at your table is a kind of fish salad bursting with flavours. A must try breakfast on one of your early morning excursions around the islands, Mas Huni is often eaten with chapatti or a roti called Roshi; wash it all down with a lovely cup of hot black tea.


Kulhimas – Chilli Tuna

Tuna, as you will come to know, is an all-time favourite amongst Maldivians. This dish is a typical traditional favourite, with kulhi translating to spicy and mas meaning fish. Indeed it is a spicy dish made from a combination of capsicum, chilli, ginger and onions which are cooked in thick coconut milk with the tuna. What you get is a lovely dish that boasts a thick and spicy gravy to be mopped up with chapatti or Roshi. It is a popular dish often served for breakfast at Maldives restaurants.


Garudhiya – Delicious Maldivian Fish Soup

Made from fresh fish, Garudhiya is well respected for its nutritive values; it may be a soup to try after your special 'sunrise yoga' at Baros Maldives or any other resort offering the holistic healing exercise. Garudhiya is a daily staple at many of the local homes; it is made by boiling tuna chunks, lime, onions and various other spices to form a clear broth that is packed with nutrition and flavour.


Kulhiboakibaa – Fish Cake

A traditional dish that has passed the test of time, this Maldivian fish cake is often served at special occasions such as celebrations and festivals. A preferred snack at teatime, it is well worth ordering a piece with a delicious cup of tea, the next time you frequent a sunny Maldivian café. The fish cake is a mix of tuna, coconut, ground rice and other ingredients flattened on a tray and baked as a conventional cake in the oven.


Bests to Savour Seafood Specials Place

There are plenty of little cafes spread across the archipelago, although Male, the capital would have the best variety. At these impromptu little eateries, you can order the above mentioned dishes while the classy restaurants housed within the Maldives luxury resorts and the capital Male, are ideal for modern versions of these traditional favourites, as well as, tasting some popular international dishes made with the freshest of seafood. Splurge and enjoy the likes of lobster under a velvety black sky as the surf pounds and soft sand shifts beneath your feet.