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Updated by Gaming Consoles on Jan 24, 2019
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video games rental service in uae

Rent a gamein device from our selection and have it delivered to your doorstep

Tips for Choosing the Best and Affordable Gaming Console Rental Service

Gaming consoles are immensely famous in this quick paced gizmo crack age. These gadgets enable you to have the advantage of recreation while on the move.

Renting Out Gaming Laptop – A Perfect Solution To Your Boredom!

Renting laptops can allow your family the flexibility to go on vacation without having to worry about you and your happiness!

How to Get Playstation 4 on Rent

It’s completely surprising that many PlayStation providers started its delivery on rent basis. Now it becomes easy to get the video games in just a click.

Play Station 4 - Enjoy the Perfect Gaming Experience

PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly the best gaming console available on the market today; it's capable of playing Blu-ray and 3D content.

The New Generation Playstation 4 is worth Paying the Price

With each and every passing day, a growing number of speculations are essentially produced by the ever-dynamic on-line rumour mill concerning the roll-out of PlayStation 4.

Points to be Consider When Renting a Gaming Laptop

You are a gaming enthusiast and looking forward to renting your first gaming laptop. Do know all about what you should consider when you are searching for a gaming machine?

Important Points to be Considered to Choosing the Best PlayStation VR

With many companies selling PlayStation VR within the market, the majority of buyers have been at crossroads on how to make the best choice when looking for modern and best PlayStation VR.

Quality VR Headsets on Rent Available now in UAE at the Best Price

Virtual Reality is a kind of digital reality which uses technology to create environments designed for expressly human interactions.

Virtual Reality Rental Service in Dubai, UAE provides Virtual reality (VR) headset on rental which are available on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We also rent an extensive range of virtual reality (VR) headsets in Dubai, UAE.

Rent Games Online and Enjoy All the Benefits of the Games with Your Family

The world of in-house entertainment is changing the world of gaming and watching movies has now become a whole lot simpler and cheaper for that matter.

Benefits of Taking Video Games on Rent Online

First, by renting these types of games the player will be able to determine if the rented game is one which they would like to buy?

PlayStation 4 Is Excellent and Worth Paying the Price

With each and every passing day, a growing number of speculations are essentially produced by the ever-dynamic on-line rumor mill concerning the roll-out of PlayStation 4.

Why there is the Need of the Online Delivery of the PS4 in Dubai?

Dubai online shopping nowadays has gained immense popularity as it offers great benefits to the people. In order to save your time as well as money you have to order the gaming devices as well as PS4 online.

How Can the Popularity of PlayStation VR Console Increase?

PlayStation 3 console is the most recent generation of PlayStation VR series that has been brought out by Sony Entertainment. A lot of people don’t know that PlayStation 3 has been transformed a lot in comparison to PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2.

Additional uses of Playstation VR Besides gaming

PlayStation VR console can also be used pretty well to watch HD movies if you feel like. But before you do that, you require having a set of HDTV (any plasma TV or LCD flat screen TV will do, just that LCD is superior for your health.

Renting Video Games Online is much Better than Buying a Gaming Console

Renting video games online has its own points of interest when contrasted with obtaining video games or getting the titles on rent from neighborhood stores.

Best Place to Rent Video Games Online- is one of the online platforms where you can take video games on rental basis. Find the best video game and take them on the rent.

Steps and Considerations to Set up a Gaming Theme Party for Your Child’s Birthday

All parents want their Child’s birthday to be celebrated the way their kids want it, so first things first you should always talk to the birthday boy or girl suggesting them your ideas and getting their views.

Why Video Games Party During the Birthday Event?

Be it a boy or girl, children love playing video games and that is why the idea of getting video games for birthday party is the best and the most successful option among all.

Virtual Reality Devices for Futuristic Gaming Experience

With the rapid growth in technology, it has become easy to understand what would be the future of gaming. The concept of Oculus Rift is the trendy buzz in the world of videogames.

Oculus for Events in UAE

Due to the demand in consumers is increasing, the prospect for advanced gaming gadgets have been completely changed.

VR Headsets – Exploring the Virtual Reality World in the Best Way

Virtual reality is the kind of digital reality or a way of using technology to create environments designed for human interaction.

Aware of the bright future of the VR Headset in UAE

The future of VR headset is very bright and the demand will also increase in the market. A virtual reality headset is a heads-up (HUD) that allows users to interact with simulated environments.

Harness the Power of Virtual Reality for Brand Activation Event

Over the last few years, virtual reality has tremendously grown in its popularity. And is expected to continue to do so.

How the virtual realities help in brand activation?

Today, Most of the brands are using virtual reality for their brand activations from one of the world's leading hospitality brands. A major benefit is that it positions their brand as forward-thinking and innovative.