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Intrinsic Home Care, Inc.

We are fully devoted to the provision of affordable and high-quality care services in the comforts of our clients’ homes.

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Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. is a provider of Companion Care and Personal Care in Indiana and Illinois. Call 219-961-2560 / 312-967-3177 for inquiries.

What You Should Know About TBI

Every day, your life may seem normal. You live your days as usual, but the next day changes you forever.

The Basics of Hypertension | Intrinsic Home Care, Inc.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common long-term condition that is characterized by a strong force against the artery walls as the blood runs through them. This can be considered a risky condition because one can have hypertension for several years and never know due to the lack of symptoms. Most of the time, the symptoms will only surface later in life.

Early Arthritis Symptoms and What to Do About It

Arthritis is a common condition, but it isn’t understood well. According to, instead of being a single disease, arthritis refers to over 100 diseases and conditions that involve joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. As a provider of personal care in Indiana, we have catered to several patients suffering from arthritis.

Creative Ways to Support Your Senior with Alzheimer’s

It’s Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and thus, Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., your friend and loving provider of home care services, would like share with you a list of fun and new ways to support your loved ones diagnose with Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is Patient-Centered Care?

There are as many variations of what it means to offer patient-centered care as there are providers of companion care in Illinois. At the heart of the practice, however, is the focus on the whole patient and in making sure they are included in every step of the care plan.c

Common Age-Related Vision Problems

Vision problems are incredibly common among the elderly, and these problems can put your loved one in danger – even in their own homes. As providers of personal care in Indiana, we have encountered different types of clients who each have their own needs.

About Sepsis: Symptoms and Complications

Sepsis is a medical emergency caused by the body’s response to infections and can be life-threatening if not immediately addressed. When you get an infection, your body will normally release chemicals into your bloodstream to fight the bacteria. Sepsis occurs when your body’s response to these chemicals is out of balance. This imbalance can trigger changes that can damage multiple organ systems.

Symptoms Alert: Similarities Between Flu and COVID-19

It has been almost a year since the pandemic started. People from many parts of the world continue to struggle under COVID-19. However, children and adults under Companion Care in Illinois can stay safe at home, especially when they are vulnerable to the disease.

Dementia Care: Coping with Communication

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia can be a long, mentally and emotionally taxing journey. These are chronic illnesses that will affect your loved one’s ability to remember and understand basic everyday facts, such as your name, dates, and places. It will also gradually affect the way your loved one communicates.

Addressing Nutrition-Related Concerns in the Elderly

Many factors affect their appetite and nutritional deficiencies as a whole. Hunger can also affect their mood and mental health.

Personal Care: Assisting Elderlies and Patients with Personal Hygiene

Signing a patient up for home care in Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., is one of the things you can do to help them manage their hygiene

Improving Your Senior’s Sleep Quality at Home

Sleep is essential for sustaining a healthy mind and body. Sleep is equally vital for seniors because it helps recover their body’s overall health after a long day of conducting daily activities and favorite hobbies. It is also the body's way of fighting off infections and weariness, which may prevent your loved ones from living life to the fullest as they age.

Signs That Indicate a Person Requires Home Care

Independence is valuable to every person. This holds especially true for adults because being independent means so much to them. While most adults have no trouble living on their own, it’s another story for the rest. Patients and seniors may find it a little too challenging to take care of themselves.

Various Kinds of Companion Care

Companion care is very beneficial to us seniors because it can give us emotional help, enhance our life’s quality, and gives us companionship.

Interesting Hobbies for the Elderly

People with advanced age may find that they have more time on their hands, especially since they no longer need to keep a job to sustain themselves. With all the time in the world, it isn’t a surprise to hear that most elderly people have close to no idea what to do with their newly-found freedom, so they resort to staying in their respective fields of work. Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., a provider of Companion Care in Illinois, is here to help!

Why Is Cardiac Arrest a Case that Poses a Life Threat?

A sudden death brought on by the loss of heart function is known as sudden cardiac death. This type of death, also known as sudden cardiac arrest, has historically been the most common in the US. The phrases “heart attack” and “cardiac arrest” are frequently confused. They are, nonetheless, very dissimilar in many aspects.

Ways to Help Prevent Stress in Seniors

Our muscles tense up as a result of stress, which also causes the adrenal glands to produce cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones increase our level of energy, which in turn causes our heart rate and blood pressure to rise. All of these are common stress reactions that are harmless as long as they don’t occur frequently. However, if our bodies are always on high alert and our stress levels grow, there might be long-term effects such as a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression

Stimulating Activities That Keep Seniors Occupied

Do you have the impression that elderly loved ones in your life have gradually sunk into a daily rut? It’s not uncommon for older people to get into a habit that eventually dulls their spirit and harms their physical and mental health. Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., a recommended provider of Companion Care in Illinois, encourages seniors to engage in fun and stimulating activities that are safe for them to do.

The Importance of Early Action and Detection of Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among individuals all over the world. It is mostly a genetic disease, but you can still lower your chances of catching it.