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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 5 types of food to try in Kandy – Delectable treats in Sri Lanka's Hill Capital
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5 types of food to try in Kandy – Delectable treats in Sri Lanka's Hill Capital

Kandy boasts the heart of Sri Lankan culture. Be it history or food, Kandy offers the best there is to experience. Below are 5 Sri Lankan treats that you must try in Kandy.


Kottu Roti

This is a common street food that has become so popular that it is considered a favourite when it comes to Sri Lankan food. This local treat is made using a few common ingredients and the best part is if you are making it at home you can whip it up in no time using left over's. After all, all you need is a couple of shredded roti's and some chopped onions, carrots and leaks; mix them together and voila...Kottu Roti is born! Kottu Roti can be made with pretty much any meat that you have and if you like a veggie dish just skip the meats entirely and stick to just vegetables. Over the years Kottu Roti has gone through a lot of changes. A very popular variant found today is the Cheese Kottu and the Marmite Kottu both of which have made a simple dish like Kottu Roti a masterpiece to be savoured. In many households, Kottu Roti is the staple when one runs short of time to prepare dinner.



Achcharu is literally translated to 'mix' and is another favourite local treat. It is not a meal but rather a snack that is perfect to munch on while on a stroll or when hanging out with friends. All you need to do is have your favourite sour tasting fruits and just throw in some salt, chilli powder and sugar and there you have it; Achcharu. Any place that requires a little bit of walking will definitely have some Achcharu for sale. Popular Achcharu varieties include Pineapple Achcharu, Mango Achcharu, Wood-Apple Achcharu and even Veralu (Ceylon Olive) Achcharu. Most bags of Achcharu are priced within 50 to 100 rupees making it a cheap and spicy treat to munch on any time of the day.


Ambul Thiyal

This sour fish curry is one of the island's favourite fish dishes. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Ambul Thiyal never disappoints. This curry is prepared by cooking fish in a number of rich spices in a dry fashion giving it a characteristic taste. The best part is it even keeps for a good number of days without refrigeration making it a popular method to preserve fish.


Dhaal Curry

This simple dish is so delicious that it is found in nearly any of the restaurants in Kandy. The common Dhaal used to make the traditional Dhaal curry is the Masoor Dhaal that is boiled in water and tempered with a blend of spices, some onions, plenty of garlic and chillies. The curry is topped with thick coconut milk and is consumed with rice or bread. Whether you are staying at FOX Resorts Kandy or having food from a simple eatery, don't forget to try some Sri Lankan Dhaal curry.


Gotukola Sambol

Sri Lankans religiously include greens in their diet and the Gotukola Sambol is proof of this. It is almost a staple for lunch this sambol, for the Sri Lankans believe that Gotukola contributes to the development of the brain. It is a simple sambol that is prepared by chopping up some Gotukola and mixing it with onions, chillies and coconut.