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Updated by phoebejkates on Nov 15, 2017
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4 Great Tips for Effective Article Marketing SEO

Article marketing has been an effective method of getting attention to your website or business for years.


Tip #1

Don’t use spun, poorly written and re-hashed, or unaltered PLR articles. One thing Google has harped on is the importance of original and high quality content, and at every level rankings are going to be affected. Better to have 10 great articles getting a lot of traffic to night rush than 1,000 poorly written ones getting virtually none.
In the long run it’s definitely worth taking more time to make unique content for each article than to blast it out to a thousand places online at once and possibly end up with no benefit.


Tip #2

Use a keyword tool to find extreme “longtail” keywords for your articles. Suppose your business website is about gold trading. There might be 100,000 people a month searching for that term, but the competition is going to be high. On the other hand a term like “long term gold versus US Dollar trend” might only get a few hundred or few dozen searches a month but have virtually no competition.
Writing a great article on this topic, using that keyword, might get those people finding your article and that leads them right back to your website.


Tip #3

Stack your article marketing backlinks. Not every article website or directory is created equal. Some will be able to get very high rankings for an individual article while some others will not. When you know which sites are consistently getting better page rank, have some weaker articles or directories point towards those good articles.
This makes those strong articles, and the backlinks from them, even more powerful and will allow your website to climb in the rankings, as well as the good articles for any longtail keywords they were targeting. This creates a traffic funnel for your website or business.


Tip #4

Don’t overdo the anchor text in your backlinks. It used to be that effective article marketing SEO just meant using the exact keyword you wanted your main website to rank for in a backlink. Then repeat as often as necessary. The infamous Google updates known as Panda and Penguin put a stop to this.
Good article marketing SEO means most of your backlinks should say general things like “click here,” “this website,” or “Jon Doe’s article.” About 70% should be this, with 30% your domain name, URL, or actual keywords. This mixture helps you avoid penalties while articles on a related topic to your site still pass on their support to your main website.
If you follow these four tips for your article marketing SEO campaign you’ll continue to see great results while avoiding the penalties that have affected so many others trying to take a short cut.