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Assessment and Communication for your students with Technology


Socrative is a teacher based app, it allows the teacher to quiz there students. This app allows the teacher to test the students knowledge with either a short answer, multiple choice or even true or false assessment.




Naiku is an assessment learning tool. The teacher can track the students progress on how they are doing on the assignments. The students can submit the test/ quizzes and the teacher can communicate back on there grades.




Moxtra is a virtual binder where teachers can post the children work. The teachers are able to communicate with the students and parents. Also the students are able to post there work on to this app and are able to work in groups easily for group projects.

Go Formative

Go Formative is a web-based tool for formative assessments. Teachers are able to upload there work to the board and the students submit it and get instant feedback on there homework and quizzes. The teachers can track the students progress on this website.




Remind is an app to provide an easy way for the teacher to communicate. The teacher can stay organized by posting due dates, students papers and even give them feedback on there grades. The teachers can even send a text message through the website to communicate with the students. ( the teachers phone number will not be shown).

Class Kick

Class kick is a website that teachers can add assignments to with audio, pictures, and text. The students than can work on their own devices,also inputting audio, pictures and text. The teachers can give instant feedback on the students work and the students can comment on other students work giving the option to be anonymous.


Plickers is a tool that lets teachers collect formative assessments data without the need for student devices.




Seasaw is a journal based app that lets the child do their assignment independently. When they are done they can take a picture of the paper and add it to their journal file for the teacher to check. Its an easy way for the teacher to stay organize.


Teachers can share a document to the students and they can open the file. The students can mark up and share there assessments to the teachers. Helps the children to have the ability to search and share texts.

Class Dojo

Teachers and parents can monitor the child work throughout the day. This app builds a better connection with the parents and teachers to keep up with how the child is doing in the classroom.