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Reason to choose xamarin for app development

As a new generation tool, it makes the development of cross platform applications easier and the quality of applications developed, superior with truly native features.

What is the advantage of Xamarin?

The preferred solution for any application is native design. This is where Xamarin and its unique approach come in.

Xamarin Native Advantages Over Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin Native includes Android/iOS/Windows platforms, which use C# code as back-end, and provide an easy and effective way to develop mobile applications by using Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.

5 Reasons .NET Devs Should Try Xamarin

It turns out that C# will take you a long way with Xamarin. If you're a .NET dev, you'll have a leg up with native UIs and the ability to cross platforms.

Is xamarin a good platform for mobile app development?

Xamarin is one of the best frameworks for cross platform app development. The performance of apps built on this platform match native characteristics.

Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps using Xamarin

Xamarin Studio, a tool that allows developers to build mobile applications using the C# language. In addition, Xamarin announced its integration with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, allowing developers to continue using their favorite development environment to build mobile apps.

Is Xamarin a good, sustainable platform for a mobile app?

Xamarin is one of the popular cross platform mobile app development, there are number of reasons behind why we use Xamarin to develop mobile app.

Xamarin vs React native

Xamarin has also turned Open Source (or should we say on the path to becoming one) after its acquisition by Microsoft. However, commercial usage may not be free. But, when it comes to commercial usage, React Native too has a strange clause.