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Top 05 Dive Sites in Tioman – Set Off on an Adventure Into the Deep Blue

Just off the beautiful island of Tioman Malaysia are a number of dive sites that are nothing short of spectacular, where marine life, coral reefs, swim-throughs and wrecks are marvellous to experience.


Chebeh Island – Pulau Tioman

Chebeh Island promises the enthusiastic diver a world of adventure; dive around the south and northern corners of the island and get ready to explore swim-throughs and canyons that were formed via volcanic rocks. Around the canyons there are stunning schools of yellowtail fusiliers to witness while diving deeper to depths of 20 metres will bring you up close and personal to the fascinating glassfish.


Wreck Diving from Marine Park Pulau Tioman

You can book a dive tour from Berjaya Tioman Resort or any other Tioman Island hotel and set off to this gorgeous marine park, that is the best place in the region for wreck diving. Head over to the south of Soyak Island and you will encounter nothing less than 8 wrecks; these, by the way, are accessible from the beach of the Marine Park Headquarters. It's easy to plot a course and explore all 8 wrecks, as they are basically located in a line, not too far from each other. Your wreck dive will be accompanied by a couple of curious batfish that seem to love trailing the divers. Around the wreck are sights of huge trevally, jacks and schools of fusiliers making it one of the best dive experiences in Tioman.


Renggis Island Pulau Tioman

Undoubtedly one of Tioman's most popular dive sites, Renggis Island diving can get quite crowded during the high season. There is a sub-surface reef close to the eastern edge of the island which plays host to a number of marine life forms such as sponges, anemones, coral of all shapes and sizes, as well as, colourful coral fish. The place which is easy to reach from resorts on Tioman is often used as a night dive training location; while snorkelers seem to love the reef and its bountiful colonies of marine life.


Sepoi Island Pulau Tioman

As Sepoi Island is a lot further to the others around Tioman; the place is less frequented. Although, a dive there is nothing short of rewarding. Enjoy drift diving around the boulders formed by volcanic larvae and do check out the Gold Reef, which is located on the northern edge of the island. There you will come across sponges, soft coral, large sea fans and all manner of beautiful marine creatures.


Tiger Reef

This is probably the dive you will best remember in Tioman; the place is nothing short of spectacular. The reef there is made up of underwater pinnacles that commence from about 10 metres, extending to a further depth of 22 metres. There the currents are strong, as such, Tiger Reef is for the experienced diver, besides, you need an advanced diver certificate in order to explore the reef. The dive is well worth it, as boulders inlaid with hard and soft coral, together with barrel sponges greet you, and marine life such as huge barracuda, blacktip sharks, batfish and Moray eels dance around you. Do watch out for sights of the elusive Whale Shark, known to grace these waters.

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