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Watch Craze

A sharing of everything about watches - Knowledge, products, and just the plain love of it.


Forsining Dragon Mechanical Watch Review - Infinity Timewatch

A Forsining dragon mechanical watch review. A watch with packing that lacks the punch. But how does the watch itself fare? Is this a dragon of the east or another dubious watch of the east?

The Various Watch Crystal Types - Know Your Watch - Infinity Timewatch

The watch crystal is a clear cover that protects the dial and the internals. This guide will explain the various crystal types and their strength/weaknesses - Sapphire crystals, mineral crystals, acrylic crystals and more.

7 Ways to Remove Watch Scratches - Infinity Timewatch

Got some watch scratches? Fear not. In this guide, we share a collection of several possible ways to remove those scratches and restore your watch.

Gofuly Luxury Quartz Leisure Watch Review - Infinity Timewatch

Welcome to our Gofuly Luxury Quartz Leisure Watch review, and yes, this is another affordable Chinese watch review. We had a watch sample which came without packaging before, and now, this one came without a packaging too. Kind of a bummer, but as long as the watch is good, we can turn a blind eye to that. Just how well did this unknown brand Chinese watch fare? Read on to find out.

T-WINNER Black Skeleton Mechanical Watch Review - Infinity Timewatch

A 2016 T-WINNER Black Skeleton Mechanical Men's Watch review by Infinity Timewatch. This watch came without a box, but is an excellent watch nonetheless.

5 Considerations for Choosing a Perfect Watch - Infinity Timewatch

There are so many different types of watches in the world, which is the right one for you? This guide will walk you through on how to choose a watch.

Lige Men's Quartz Dress Watch Review - Infinity Timewatch

Lige is a Chinese brand that manufactures watches. but are they good enough? Find out in this Lige Men's Quartz Dress Watch Review.

The Ultimate Compendium of Different Types of Watches - Infinity Timewatch

Welcome to the wonderland of watches. There are so many different types of watches, and this guide will walk you through some of them.

Know your Watch - Quartz vs Automatic Watches - Infinity Timewatch

Quartz vs automatic watches, which is better? This guide will explain in short how they work, and their main differences.

15 Mechanical Watches for First-Time Buyers and Advanced Collectors

Every mechanical watch is an engineering feat. From an ultra affordable pick, all the way to an ultra luxurious option with a six-digit price tag, we've rounded up a few amazing spring-driven timepieces to start a collection.