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Comfort Ease Home Care

Life events and certain disabilities present a number of unique challenges that you never had to deal with before. You may have noticed that the small things are suddenly difficult to do or even dangerous to do on your own. Preparing a simple meal, doing the dishes, and even remembering your medications can be some of the struggles you have to face.

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Divine Hearts Home Care serves Euclid, Ohio and the neighboring locations by providing Home Care for the elderly and disabled. Please call 216-862-5069 for more details.

The Challenges of Being a Family Caregiver

Family caregiving, despite being a truly rewarding experience, also brings a lot of challenges that usually overwhelm or intimidate caregivers. Among these challenges are:

What You Need to Know About Sleep

Sleep is something that many of us do not give much thought about until we are exhausted. However, sleep actually plays a huge role in our health in preventing numerous serious health conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Getting proper sleep every night is important for everyone but even more so for the elderly.

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If you need more details about Personal Home Care and other Non-Medical Care services, feel free to call us at 216-862-5069.

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You can learn more on Companionship, Respite Care and other Personal Home Care services by calling Divine Hearts Home Care at 216-862-5069.

Hospital Readmission: 4 Ways You Can Prevent It

You’ve just been discharged from the hospital. Would you risk being sent back? Divine Hearts Home Care LLC has several suggestions on how you can avoid hospital readmission and secure your full recovery:

Live-In Caregivers Can Improve Your Quality of Life

How has retirement been treating you as of late? If you have been needing a bit of help around the house, then hiring a live-in caregiver can do you a lot of good! And if you must know, errands and personal care aren’t the only things that live-in caregivers from Comfort Ease Home Care can offer.

7-Point Guide for Healthy Aging

No matter one’s apprehensions for the aging season, these can always be mellowed with a healthy lifestyle. Along with the assistance of Home Care Providers, the following guidelines of aging healthily can rake in long-term rewards:

5 Key Essentials in Maintaining Elderly Relationships

Maintaining quality relationships even in the elderly years is an effective shield against physical and mental decline. After all, isolation can lead to a senior person having a low appetite, which results in malnutrition and some other health complications.

Eye Care Tips for Seniors (According to Research)

Eyesight is one of the common age-related declines of a senior. If you’re caring for your aging loved one, you can also assist them in ensuring that their eyes will be cared for as they age.

Kitchen Modifications for Seniors to Be Safe at Home

Does your senior loved one enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking for the family? It won’t be surprising when they do. However, the kitchen can be a risky avenue for seniors, especially if they don’t have the company of another family member or a Home Care Provider.

3 Tips on Maintaining Senior Safety at Home

There’s no question that our goal as family members is to provide senior loved ones a safe and comfortable environment to receive care in. More often than not, seniors choose to remain and stay healthy in their own homes because it’s where they get daily support and love. Comfort Ease Home Care is a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH that understands how difficult it can be to transform the home into the ideal care environment that addresses your loved one’s needs and goals. We give you three simple tips to accomplish that:

3 Main Qualities to Look for in a Caregiver

Entrusting our loved one’s care to another person is the last thing we want. However, if it leads to their optimal health and well-being, then we should have no qualms about handing over the caregiving role to this individual. The moment you realize your skills and knowledge in caregiving aren’t enough to give your senior loved one the life they deserve, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Non-Medical Home Care Agency in Beachwood, OH.

Respite Care: Why Do You Need It?

Respite care is an arrangement for licensed caregivers to fill in for family caregivers temporarily. The main objective for respite care services is to allow the primary caregivers to rest, run important errands, go on vacation, or even get a full night’s sleep.

As a non-medical home care agency in Beachwood, Ohio, we provide respite care for dedicated family caregivers. We know how important it is for family caregivers to provide personal care to their loved ones. Because of this, we give quality care to give them peace of mind while they are away from caregiving duties.

Should You Accompany an Older Adult to the Doctor?

The elderly are in the stage where illnesses and diseases have become more common. If you are taking care of an aging loved one at home, you know how grandma or grandpa can be susceptible to health issues. Because of that, our senior family members need to visit their doctor regularly.

But should you or should you not accompany an older adult to their appointments? As a non-medical home care agency in Beachwood, Ohio, we say you should. Here are the reasons why.

Why Family Caregivers Need Respite Care

Being a family caregiver is both rewarding and demanding. On one hand, you have the fulfillment of being hands-on in caring for your aging loved one. On the other hand, they will have care needs that might be beyond your means. These are the common situations that lead to burnout. Yet, if you want to give quality care to your loved one, you would not want burnout in the picture.

How Does Companionship Benefit Your Senior Loved One?

When our senior loved ones choose to age at home, they do so because of the familiar environment. Even you can agree that being around familiar people and places can be your source of comfort to some extent. Yet, there are age-related conditions that may keep our loved ones home-bound. This means is that they can no longer go out as much as they used to. When this is the case, they can be at risk of isolation, which is not healthy for their mental wellbeing.

Smart Ways to Reduce the Risk for Hospital Admission

Finally, you’re out of the hospital. How do you ensure that you don’t go back anytime soon?

Getting discharge is good news. But, you are still not out of the woods. A lapse in your care can send you back to the hospital. To avoid that, Comfort Ease Home Care has put together tips to support your full recovery:

The Secrets to Preventing Chronic Diseases

What is chronic disease? Broadly, it is defined as conditions that can drag on for a year or more. Examples of these include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

As you can tell, chronic conditions come with complications. It also limits your daily activities and hinders your productivity. That doesn’t sound too good, now, does it?

On top of that, treating a chronic disease can be costly. If that is something you wish to avoid, keep reading. Comfort Ease Home Care made a list of tips that could protect you from chronic diseases:

Common Senior Home Care Objections (And What You Can Do)

Many seniors often reject the idea of home care. Comfort Ease Home Care, a trusted non-medical home care agency in Beachwood, OH, lists down some common senior objections and what you can do to overcome them.

Senior-Friendly Home Additions for Enhanced Safety

There are numerous senior-friendly home additions that can be made to a home to make it more comfortable and safe, and help reduce the risk of falls. Whether you are looking for more comfort or easier mobility, there is usually something that can be done to make your senior loved one’s life easier at home.

How Can You Stay Motivated to Exercise?

If you’re feeling stumped about exercise, Comfort Ease Home Care has a couple of suggestions you might want to try:

Get creative.
Who says exercise is all about going to the gym? If you’re not about tackling the treadmill, there are other options you can try. For example, you can also exercise by:

4 Ways Art Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Everyone has a potential for creativity, even you! Taking on art projects lets your mind explore new skills. This process serves as an exercise for your brain. Which, in turn, improves your cognitive health. Apart from that, Comfort Ease Home Care also shares that art benefits you in other ways:

Bathroom Safety: Protect a Loved One with These Tips

Wet floors, hard surfaces, and limited mobility spell a lot of trouble. How can you make the bathroom safer for your senior loved one? Comfort Ease Home Care brings up a few tips you can follow:

How Can You Avoid Stress as a Family Caregiver?

Family caregivers, such as yourself, always have a lot of things to take care of. There’s nothing in your list that you can’t manage. But, sometimes, the whole ordeal can be too much for one person. Comfort Ease Home Care has a couple of suggestions that should help you steer clear from stress: