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10 Reasons to Visit Broome - Why West Australia's holiday town is a must-visit

Broome is the holiday town, the favourite getaway in Western Australia. There definitely are more than mere ten reasons to visit Broome, but these ten will suffice to convince you.


Bucket-list destination

Broome is a sure bucket-list destination with its red earth and turquoise waters blending together with miles and miles of pure white sand. Popular for spectacular sunsets that can be viewed as you stroll along the beach, or when reclining at a beach hotel like Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary - Broome is without a doubt one of the most romantic towns in West Australia.


Staircase to the Moon

If you plan your vacation smartly enough, you will be able to see not only a spectacular sunset but also a rare natural phenomenon where the moonlight lights up a path of sorts through the Rosebuck Bay. This happens only a couple of days a month between March and October.


The first multicultural town

Multicultural towns may not be a rare sighting now, but it was an unusual occurrence in the past. Broome was multicultural at least a century before the rest of Australia, being home to Chinese, Japanese, Indonesians, Filipinos, and Europeans all drawn to pearling industry.


Horizontal waterfall

This is the only side-ways cascading waterbody in the world and is located on the Dampier Peninsula. The waterfall is created by tidal waves and gives you the opportunity to snorkel and shark watch as well.



While Broome no longer has dinosaurs, except maybe in the form of interior decoration at a Cable Beach accommodation, you will still be able to see footprints of these now extinct giants during low tide. Sauropods, Stegosauruses, and Theropods are said to have inhabited Broome during the prehistoric times.


Courthouse markets

Every Saturday morning the town comes to life with its local markets, which are both colourful and chill. You can easily spend your weekend wandering around these local gatherings armed with a flask of warm coffee and an interest to learn more about local cultures.


Cycle Rides

Cable beach, the most popular beach destination, is best explored on cycles. Of course, you can opt to walk or rent a car, but cycling is the best way to explore the beach to the maximum.


Beer by the beach

No visit to Australia would be complete without tasting a mug of beer. There are numerous places that serve local brew for visitors, and a few of them do so with a personality to match. You will often be exposed to local bands like the Pilgrim Brothers on these visits.



Being titles the most important pearling town in the 20th century, Broome maintains the epithet to date. You can easily sign up for one of the many tours that operate in the area to see and understand the process of pearl production. There are pearl festivals spread across the year, as well.


Sun Pictures

Sun Pictures is not about taking pictures of the Sun. It is a gallery of sorts, world's oldest operating outdoor picture gardens. Established in 1916, there is a lot of history to the place, having survived Japanese air raids, the second World War, tidal floods, and cyclones among other things.

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